1922 -

Writing as: Peter Buck, Peter Leslie, Ed Mazzaro, Catherine Reynolds

Born and raised in England, Mr. Leslie was a journalist and an editor though he was said to have studied to be a geologist.

Series Books
Peter Buck
The Mercenary Thirteen For The Kill (1981)
  The Secret Of San Felipe (1981)
  The Deadly Birdmen (1981)
  Operation Icicle (1981)
  School For Slaughter (1981)
  Ready, Aim, Die (1982)
  The Black Gold Briefing (1982)
  The Megadeath Option (1982)
  Passport To Peril (1983)
Peter Leslie
The Avengers Deadline (1965)
  Dead Duck (1966)
  The Avengers Annual 1968 (1967)
  Double Trouble (ss) (1967)
  A Race Against Time (ss) (1967)
  Sunset In The East (ss) (1967)
  A Question Of Intelligence (ss) (1967)
Mack Bolan Dead Easy (1986)
  Sudden Death (1987)
  Anvil Of Hell (1988)
  Blowout (1989)
  Hardline (1991)
John Drake Hell For Tomorrow (1965)
The Executioner Ice Cold Kill (1984)
  Sunscream (1986)
  Blood Heat Zero (1986)
  Hong Kong Hit List (1988)
  Vendetta in Venice (1988)
  Dead Man's Tale (1989)
  Battle Lines (1990)
  Helldust Cruise (1990)
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. The Cornish Pixie Affair (1967)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Radioactive Camel Affair (1966)
  The Diving Dames Affair (1967)
  The Splintered Sunglasses Affair (1968)
  The Unfair Fare Affair (1968)
  The Finger In The Sky Affair (1968)
Other The Mogul Men [The Troubleshooters] (1967)
  The Gay Deceiver (1967)
  The Night of the Trilobites [The Invaders] (1968)
  The Frighteners [Daktari] (1968)
  The Autumn Accelerator [The Invaders] (1969)
  The Plastic Magicians (NEL, 1970, pb) (1970)
  The Bastard Brigade (1970)
  The Extremists (1970)
  Storm Squad (NEL, 1971, pb) [Holland; WWII] (1971)
  Killer Corps (1971)
  The Four Letter Crowd (1971)
  The Fakers (1971)
  The Bombers (1972)
  The Bitter Enders (1972)
  The Betrayers (1972)
  Father Hayes [Father Hayes] (1976)
  The Holy Spirit [Father Hayes] (1977)
  The Steeds of Satan (Zebra, 1977, pb) [Father Hayes] (1977)
  Death Mail (Allen, 1984, hc) [Prague; WWII] (1984)
  Cold Snap (1987)
  The Catapult Ultimatum (1990)
  The Melbourne Virus [Jason Mettner] (1992)
  No Deal in Diamonds [Jason Mettner] (1992)
  Action in the Arctic [Soldier of Fortune] (1994)
  The Berlin Alternative (1995)
  Gunner’s Moon (1997)
  Baltic Commando (1997)
  Flames Over Provence (1998)
Ed Mazzaro
Other One Death in the Red (1976)
  Bootleg Angel (1977)
  Chicago Deadline (1978)
  Pawn to King’s Cross (1978)
Catherine Reynolds
Other Black Is the Colour of My True Love’s Heart - with Nicolette Bernard (1979)