1949 -

Writing as: Molly Cochran, Dev Stryker

Born in Japan of an American military father and a Japanese mother, Molly Cochran did a considerable amount of moving in her youth before graduating high school. After earning a degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a period studying at the Sorbonne, Ms. Cochran gave into her bohemian urges and lived a "hippy" life in several spots on the globe. After a few years she met and married fellow author Warren Murphy with whom she produced several well received action thrillers as well as a son of whom she is quite proud. Eventually she and Mr. Murphy would go their separate ways. Ms. Cochran has since been working on a series of adventures geared towards young females. She is, according to her website, hoping soon to write a novel based around her maternal grandfather, a descendant of samurais.

Series Books
Molly Cochran
The Destroyer Balance Of Power (1981)
  Spoils of War (1981)
  Next Of Kin (1981)
  Dying Space (1982)
  Skin Deep (1982)
  Shock Value (1983)
  Time Trial (1983)
  Last Drop (1983)
  Killing Time (1984)
  Master's Challenge (1984)
  Date With Death (1984)
  The Eleventh Hour (1987)
Justin Gilead Grandmaster (1984)
  High Priest (1987)
Other The Temple Dogs - with Warren Murphy (1989)
  The Hand Of Lazarus - with Warren Murphy (1990)
  The Forever King - with Warren Murphy [Forever King] (1991)
  World Without End - with Warren Murphy (1996)
  The Broken Sword - with Warren Murphy [Forever King] (1997)
  The Third Magic [Forever King] (2003)
  Legacy [Legacy] (2011)
  Poison [Legacy] (2012)
Dev Stryker
Amelia Pierce Deathright (1993)
  A Wilderness Of Mirrors (2000)