1945 -

Writing as: Gayle Lynds

According the bio on her website: "As you may remember, my husband of many years, fellow author Dennis Lynds, passed away in 2005. I’m fortunate that a terrific new man found me, or I found him – it’s a matter of debate and laughter between us. John C. Sheldon and I married in 2011. He’s a retired Maine district judge and author of many scholarly articles about the law. What a delight for us to discover he has a talent for fiction, too. We’ve coauthored three short stories so far.

Another big surprise is the exotic geography of my new life. Our home is near Portland, Maine, on 14 acres of oaks and hemlocks. Our closest neighbors are birds, deer, fox, porcupines, and wild turkeys. My office is on the second floor where my view sweeps across more than forty miles to Mount Washington, which at the moment is covered in snow. For a city girl from palmy Southern California, this is radical, and a great adventure.

I still work most days some ten to twelve hours on two computers — a big PC on which I write, and a laptop where I handle email. The laptop goes with me when I travel. Books — my longtime friends and the source of much inspiration — fill my office and our house. John and I have seven children — all grown up and living their own lives here in Maine and in New York, Maryland, Colorado, and California."

Series Books
Nick Carter (1964) Day of the Mahdi (1984)
  The Mayan Connection (1984)
  Pursuit of the Eagle (1985)
  White Death (1985)
Covert One The Hades Factor (2000)
  The Paris Option (2002)
  The Altman Code (2003)
Judd Ryder The Book of Spies (2010)
  The Assassins (2010)
Liz Sansborough Masquerade (1996)
  The Coil (2003)
  The Hunt For Dimitri (ss) (2006)
Other Mosaic (1998)
  Mesmerized (2001)
  The Last Spymaster (2006)