1942 -

Writing as: David Chacko

Passing his days living in both Istanbul and New York City, American author David Chacko has used his life experiences to embue his many books with a unique insight that raises them above the norm. He has separated his writings into several genres from espionage to mystery to seeking ancient artifacts.

Series Books
Jason Ender Less Than A Shadow (2004)
  The Peacock Angel (2005)
  Echo Five (2008)
Stephen Warfield The Black Chamber (1988)
  White Gamma (1988)
  Red Bishop One (2001)
Other Price (1973)
  Gage (1976)
  Brick Alley (1981)
  The Shadow Master (2001)
  A Long Way from Eden (2002)
  Like a Man (2003)
  Graveyard Eyes [Onur Levent] (2006)
  Martyr's Creek (2007)
  The Severan Prophecies (2007)
  Devil's Feathers [Onur Levent] (2008)
  Gone Over - with Alexander Kulcsar) (2009)
  The Brimstone Papers - with Alexander Kulcsar) (2010)
  The Byzantium Stone (2011)
  The God App (2012)