1920 - 1996

Writing as: Duncan MacNeil, Philip McCutchan

According to the History Naval Fiction website: "Philip Donald McCutchan (1920-1996), who also wrote under the pseudonyms Robert Conington Galway and Duncan MacNeil, grew up in the naval atmosphere of Portsmouth Dockyard and developed a lifetime's interest in the sea. Military history was an early interest resulting in several fiction books, from amongst his large output, about the British Army and its campaigns, especially in the last 150 years. He served throughout WW II in a variety of ships, including the cruiser Vindictive, the ocean boarding vessel Largs, and the escort carrier Ravager, ending the war as a lieutenant, RNVR."

Series Books
Duncan MacNeil
Other Drums Along the Khyber aka The First Command [Ogilvie] (1969)
  Lieutenant of the Line aka Soldier of the Queen [Ogilvie] (1970)
  Sadhu On the Mountain Peak aka Captain at Arms [Ogilvie] (1971)
  The Gates of Kunarja aka Honour and Empire [Ogilvie] (1972)
  The Red Daniel aka Ogilvie at War [Ogilvie] (1973)
  Subaltern's Choice aka Ogilvie Under Fire [Ogilvie] (1974)
  By Command of the Viceroy aka Ogilvie's Royal Command [Ogilvie] (1975)
  The Mullah from Kashmir aka Ogilvie and the Mullah [Ogilvie] (1976)
  Wolf in the Fold aka Ogilvie and the Traitor [Ogilvie] (1977)
  Charge of Cowardice aka Ogilvie's Act of Cowardice [Ogilvie] (1978)
  The Restless Frontier aka Ogilvie and the Mem'sahib [Ogilvie] (1979)
  Cunningham's Revenge aka Ogilvie's Dangerous Mission [Ogilvie] (1980)
  Train at Bundabar aka Ogilvie and the Gold of the Raj [Ogilvie] (1981)
  A Matter for the Regiment aka Ogilvie and the Uprising [Ogilvie] (1982)
Philip McCutchan
James Packard Assignment New York (1963)
  Assignment London (1963)
  Assignment Andalusia (1965)
  Assignment Malta (1966)
  Assignment Gaolbreak (1968)
  Assignment Argentina (1969)
  Assignment Fenland (1969)
  Assignment Seabed (1969)
  Assignment Sydney (1970)
  Assignment Death Squad (1970)
Simon Shard Call For Simon Shard (1974)
  A Very Big Bang (1975)
  Blood Run East (1976)
  The Eros Affair (1977)
  Blackmail North (1983)
  Shard Calls The Tune (1983)
  The Hoof (1984)
  Shard At Bay (1985)
  The Executioners (1986)
  Overnight Express (1988)
  The Logan File (1991)
  The Abbot Of Stockbridge (1992)
Esmonde Shaw Gibraltar Road (1960)
  Redcap (1961)
  Bluebolt One (1962)
  The Man From Moscow (1963)
  Warmaster (1963)
  Moscow Coach (1964)
  The Dead Line (1966)
  Skyprobe (1966)
  The Screaming Dead Balloons (1968)
  The All-Purpose Bodies (1969)
  The Bright Red Businessman (1969)
  Hartinger's Mouse (1970)
  This Drakotny (1971)
  Sunstrike (1973)
  Corpse (1980)
  Werewolf (1982)
  Rollerball (1983)
  Greenfly (1987)
  The Boy Who Liked Monsters (1989)
  The Spatchcock Plan (1990)
  Polecat Brennan (1994)
  Burn-Out (1995)
Other Whistle and I'll Come (1957)
  The Kid (1958)
  On Course for Danger: A Story for Boys (1959)
  Storm South (1959)
  Hopkinson and the Devil of Hate (1961)
  Leave the Dead Behind Us (1962)
  Marley's Empire (1963)
  Bowering's Breakwater (1964)
  Sladd's Evil (1965)
  A Time for Survival (1966)
  Poulter's Passage (1967)
  The Day of the Coastwatch (1968)
  Man, Let's Go On (1970)
  Half a Bag of Stringer (1971)
  Oil Bastards (1972)
  German Helmet (1972)
  Pull My String (1973)
  Coach North (1974)
  Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin [Halfhyde] (1974)
  Halfhyde’s Island [Halfhyde] (1975)
  Halfhyde and the Guns of Arrest [Halfhyde] (1976)
  Halfhyde to the Narrows [Halfhyde] (1977)
  Halfhyde for the Queen [Halfhyde] (1978)
  Halfhyde Ordered South [Halfhyde] (1979)
  Cameron Comes Through [Cameron] (1980)
  Cameron Ordinary Seaman [Cameron] (1980)
  Halfhyde and the Flag [Halfhyde] (1980)
  Halfhyde on the Yangtze [Halfhyde] (1981)
  Lieutenant Cameron RNVR [Cameron] (1981)
  Cameron of the Castle Bay [Cameron] (1981)
  Cameron's Convoy [Cameron] (1982)
  Halfhyde on Zanatu [Halfhyde] (1982)
  Cameron in the Gap [Cameron] (1982)
  Orders for Cameron [Cameron] (1983)
  Cameron in Command [Cameron] (1983)
  Halfhyde Outward Bound [Halfhyde] (1983)
  The Halfhyde Line [Halfhyde] (1984)
  Cameron and the Kaiserhof [Cameron] (1984)
  Halfhyde and the Chain Gangs [Halfhyde] (1985)
  Cameron's Raid [Cameron] (1985)
  The Convoy Commodore [John Mason Kemp] (1986)
  Halfhyde Goes to War [Halfhyde] (1986)
  Cameron's Chase [Cameron] (1986)
  Convoy North [John Mason Kemp] (1987)
  Cameron's Troop Lift [Cameron] (1987)
  The Last Farewell (1988)
  Convoy South [John Mason Kemp] (1988)
  Lady of the Line (1988)
  Halfhyde on the Amazon [Halfhyde] (1988)
  Cameron's Commitment [Cameron] (1989)
  Convoy East [John Mason Kemp] (1989)
  Halfhyde and the Admiral [Halfhyde] (1990)
  Convoy of Fear [John Mason Kemp] (1990)
  Flood (1991)
  Halfhyde and the Fleet Review [Halfhyde] (1991)
  Convoy Homeward [John Mason Kemp] (1992)
  Cameron's Crossing [Cameron] (1993)
  Tom Chatto, Apprentice aka Apprentice to the Sea [Tom Chatto] (1995)
  Tom Chatto, Second Mate aka The Second Mate [Tom Chatto] (1995)
  Tom Chatto, RNR aka The New Lieutenant [Tom Chatto] (1995)