1930 - 2008

Writing as: Edward Hoch

According to Wikipedia: "Edward Hoch was an American writer of detective fiction. Although he wrote several novels, he was primarily known for his vast output of over 950 short stories.

Hoch (pronounced hoke) was born in Rochester, New York and began writing in the 1950s; his first story appeared in 1955 in Famous Detective Stories and was followed by stories in The Saint Mystery Magazine. In January 1962 he began appearing in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. In December 1962 he kicked off his most successful collaboration, with the appearance of his first story in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; in the years since EQMM has published over 450 of Hoch's stories, roughly half of his total output. In May 1973 EQMM began publishing a new Hoch story in every monthly issue; as of May 2007 the author had gone an astonishing 34 years without missing a single issue."

Series Books
Jeffery Rand The Spy On The Seaway (ss) (02/1985)
  Spy For Sale (ss) (03/1987)
  The Spy And The Diplomat'S Daughter (ss) (1/1971)
  The Spy And The Intercepted Letters (ss) (1/1974)
  The Spy In The Toy Business (ss) (1/1978)
  The Spy And The Suicide Club (ss) (1/1985)
  The Spy And The Embassy Murders (ss) (1/1988)
  Paris Masque (ss) (1/2005)
  The Spy Who Traveled With A Coffin (ss) (10/1970)
  The Spy And The Mysterious Card (ss) (10/1975)
  The Spy And The Village Murder (ss) (10/1982)
  The Spy And The Geomancers (ss) (10/1989)
  The Spy And The Psychics (ss) (10/1991)
  Spy At Sea (ss) (10/1993)
  Season Of The Camel (ss) (10/2000)
  The Spy Who Walked Through Walls (ss) (11/1966)
  The Spy And The Calendar Network (ss) (11/1969)
  The Spy And The Talking House (ss) (11/1974)
  The Spy At The Crime Writers' Congress (ss) (11/1976)
  The Spy And The Snowman (ss) (11/1980)
  The Spy Who Stayed Up All Night (ss) (11/1981)
  Waiting For Mrs. Ryder (ss) (11/1994)
  One Bag Of Coconuts (ss) (11/1997)
  The Spy Who Came To The Brink (ss) (12/1965)
  The Spy Who Didn't Exist (ss) (12/1967)
  The Spy Who Was Expected (ss) (12/1972)
  The Spy In The Labyrinth (ss) (12/1978)
  The Spy Who Wasn't Needed (ss) (12/1979)
  The Spy At The Spa (ss) (12/1985)
  The Spy's Story (ss) (12/1986)
  The Spy And The Guy Fawkes Bombing (ss) (12/1988)
  The Spy And The Christmas Cipher (ss) (12/1990)
  The War That Never Was (ss) (12/1999)
  The Face Of Ali Baba (ss) (12/2003)
  The Alexandrian Solution (ss) (12/2008)
  The Spy And The Thief (1971)
  Tales of Espionage (1989)
  The Spy Who Read Latin (1990)
  The Spy Who Clutched A Playing Card (ss) (2/1968)
  The Spy Without A Country (ss) (2/1972)
  The Old Spies Club (2001)
  The Spy Who Took The Long Route (ss) (3/1966)
  The Spy And The Nile Mermaid (ss) (3/1971)
  The Spy Who Collected Lapel Pins (ss) (3/1976)
  The Spy And The Walrus Cipher (ss) (3/1981)
  The Spy Who Went To Camelot (ss) (3/1990)
  The Spy And The Gypsy (ss) (3/1991)
  The Spy With The Icicle Eye (ss) (3/1993)
  Egyptian Days (ss) (3/1994)
  The Old Spies Club (ss) (3/1997)
  Tower To Nowhere (ss) (3/2002)
  The Spy Who Came Out Of The Night (ss) (4/1967)
  The Spy Who Purchased A Lavender (ss) (4/1969)
  The Spy Who Didn't Remember (ss) (4/1972)
  The Spy At The End Of The Rainbow (ss) (4/1974)
  The Spy Who Took A Vacation (ss) (4/1975)
  The Spy Who Sat In Judgment (ss) (4/1983)
  The Spy Who Went To The Opera (ss) (4/1984)
  The Underground Spy (ss) (4/1989)
  The Spy And The Greek Enigma (ss) (4/1992)
  Train To Luxor (ss) (4/1996)
  The Spy Who Did Nothing (ss) (5/1965)
  The Spy Who Had A List (ss) (5/1979)
  The Spy And The Bermuda Cipher (ss) (6/1970)
  The Spy And The Reluctant Courier (ss) (6/1972)
  The Spy And The Cats Of Rome (ss) (6/1978)
  The Spy Who Came Back From The Dead (ss) (6/1980)
  The Spy At The Film Festival (ss) (6/1982)
  The Spy And The Short-Order Cipher (ss) (6/1987)
  A Game For Spies (ss) (6/1988)
  The Spy Who Came To The End Of The Road (ss) (7/1966)
  The Spy And The Shopping List Code (ss) (7/1969)
  The Spy Who Died Twice (ss) (7/1977)
  The Spy Who Stepped Back In Time (ss) (7/1983)
  The Spy At The Top Of The List (ss) (7/1984)
  The Spy Who Knew The Future (ss) (7/1986)
  The Liverpool Kiss (ss) (7/1998)
  The Man From Nile K (ss) (7/1999)
  The Spy And The Minotaur (ss) (7/2002)
  The Spy Who Had Faith In Double-C (ss) (8/1965)
  The Spy Who Worked For Peace (ss) (8/1967)
  The Spy Who Read Latin (ss) (8/1968)
  The Spy Who Knew Too Much (ss) (8/1971)
  The Spy With The Knockout Punch (ss) (8/1973)
  The Spy Who Looked Back (ss) (8/1985)
  The Spy And The Healing Waters (ss) (8/1990)
  The Nine-O'Clock Gun (ss) (8/1995)
  The Spy In The Pyramid (ss) (9/1972)
  The Spy Who Was Alone (ss) (9/1979)
  The Spy Who Didn't Defect (ss) (9/1981)