1918 - 2006

Writing as: Mickey Spillane

Frank "Mickey" Spillane was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He briefly attended college in Kansas before beginning a wandering around the country doing a variety of jobs, writing as he did them. Professionally, though, he got his start writing for comic books. During WWII he flew fighter planes and worked as an instructor.

Series Books
Tiger Mann Days Of The Guns (1964)
  Bloody Sunrise (1965)
  The Death Dealers (1965)
  The By-Pass Control (1966)
Morgan The Raider The Delta Factor (1967)
  The Consummata (2011)
Other I, the Jury [Mike Hammer] (1947)
  Vengeance Is Mine! [Mike Hammer] (1950)
  My Gun Is Quick [Mike Hammer] (1950)
  The Big Kill [Mike Hammer] (1951)
  One Lonely Night [Mike Hammer] (1951)
  The Long Wait (1951)
  Kiss Me, Deadly [Mike Hammer] (1952)
  The Deep (1961)
  The Girl Hunters [Mike Hammer] (1962)
  Me, Hood! (1963)
  Return of the Hood (1964)
  The Flier (1964)
  The Snake [Mike Hammer] (1964)
  The Twisted Thing [Mike Hammer] (1966)
  The Delta Factor (1967)
  The Body Lovers [Mike Hammer] (1967)
  Killer Mine (1968)
  The Tough Guys (1969)
  Survival Zero [Mike Hammer] (1970)
  The Erection Set (1972)
  The Last Cop Out (1973)
  The Sudden Trap and other stories [Mike Hammer] (1982)
  Tomorrow I Die (1984)
  Comes Murder and other stories [Mike Hammer] (1985)
  The Killing Man [Mike Hammer] (1989)
  Black Alley [Mike Hammer] (1996)