1922 - 1983

Writing as: Mark Bailey, Gil Brewer, Elaine Evans, Luke Morgann

An American author with an impressive list of crime and thriller novels to his name, Mr. Brewer also wrote under several house names. He was born in New York and lived there until he was drafted into the Army during the Second World War. After the war, he moved to Florida where his parents were then living and began to write as his father had inspired him to do with that man's pulp fiction work. As his reputation grew in the writing world, so did his friendship with other young writers in that region like Day Keene, Jonathan Craig, Harry Whittington, and others. In his later years, he suffered greatly from alcohol and drug addiction and their effects on the mind.

Series Books
Mark Bailey
Other Mouth Magic - adult (1972)
Gil Brewer
It Takes A Thief The Devil In Davos (1969)
  Mediterranean Caper (1969)
  Appointment In Cairo (1970)
Other 13 French Street (1951)
  Satan Is a Woman (1951)
  So Rich, So Dead (1951)
  Flight to Darkness aka Flight Into Sin (1952)
  A Killer Is Loose (1953)
  Hell’s Our Destination (1953)
  Some Must Die (1954)
  77 Rue Paradis (1955)
  And the Girl Screamed (1956)
  The Payoff aka The Squeeze (1956)
  The Brat (1957)
  Little Tramp (1957)
  The Angry Dream aka The Girl from Hateville (1957)
  A Gun in My Back (1957)
  Wild (1958)
  The Red Scarf (1958)
  The Vengeful Virgin (1958)
  The Bitch (1958)
  Angel (1959)
  Wild to Possess (1959)
  Sugar (1959)
  Play It Hard (1960)
  The Three-Way Split (1960)
  Backwoods Teaser (1960)
  Nude on Thin Ice (1960)
  A Taste for Sin (1961)
  Appointment in Hell (1961)
  Memory of Passion (1962)
  The Hungry One (1966)
  The Tease (1967)
  Sin for Me (1967)
  Blood On The Ivy = as by Hal Ellson (1970)
  Strangle Hold! [Soldato] - as by Al Conroy (1973)
  Murder Mission [Soldato] - as by Al Conroy (1973)
  The Piraeus Plot [Israeli Secret Service] - as by Harry Arvay (1975)
  Operation Kuwait [Israeli Secret Service] - as by Harry Arvay (1975)
  The Moscow Intercept [Israeli Secret Service] - as by Harry Arvay (1975)
  Eleven Bullets For Mohammed [Israeli Secret Service] - as by Harry Arvay (1975)
  Togo Commando [Israeli Secret Service] - as by Harry Arvay (1976)
  The Campus Murders - as by Ellery Queen (1976)
Elaine Evans
Other Shadowland (1970)
  A Dark and Deadly Love (1970)
  Black Autumn (1970)
  Wintershade (1970)
Luke Morgann
Other More Than A Handful - adult (1972)
  Ladies In Heat - adult (1972)
  Gamecock - adult (1972)
  Tongue Tricks - adult (1972)