1927 -

Writing as: Marilyn Granbeck, Ben Grant, Adam Hamilton, Jessica Laurie, Clayton Moore, Allan Morgan

Marilyn Henderson (nee Granbeck) earned a degree in Chemistry. She had a good job "in the Midwest", was married and had four children when a back injury caused her to start thinking about working from home. She decided she could certainly write as good or better than half the writers out there so she gave it a try. It worked. Early in her new career, a friend who wrote men's adventures, pointed her in that direction and she gave it a try. She became one of the few to write in that genre.

Series Books
Marilyn Granbeck
Nick Carter (1964) Assignment: Intercept (1976)
Other Hollywood Hit Man (1975)
  The Magician's Daughter (1977)
  If I Should Die (1985)
  By Reason Of [Jeanne Donovan] (1986)
  The Killing Game [Jeanne Donovan] (1989)
Ben Grant
Other Hitchhike to Hell (1963)
  Murder in the Raw (1964)
  One for the Road (1966)
  Alice Dies Twice (1975)
Adam Hamilton
The Peacemaker The Zaharan Pursuit (1974)
  The Yashar Pursuit (1974)
  The Xander Pursuit (1974)
  The Wyss Pursuit (1975)
Jessica Laurie
Other The Mistress of Harrowgate (1981)
Clayton Moore
Other The Corrupters (1974)
  End of Reckoning (1974)
Allan Morgan
Mark Blood Blood (1974)
  The Spandau Warrant (1974)
  The Cat Cay Warrant (1974)