1933 -

Writing as: Gary Brandner

A prolific writer with over 30 novels to his credit, not to mention a hundred short stories and a fair number of screenplays, Mr. Brandner's biggest claim to fame is the original novel of the successful werewolf horror firm Howling and its many sequels.

Series Books
The Big Brain The Aardvark Affair (1975)
  The Beelzebub Business (1975)
  Energy Zero (1976)
Nick Carter (1964) The Death's Head Conspiracy (1973)
Other The Players (1975)
  London (1976)
  The Howling (1977)
  Offshore (1978)
  The Howling II aka Return of the Howling (1979)
  The Sterling Standard (1980)
  Walkers aka Death Walkers (1980)
  Hellborn (1981)
  A Rage in Paradise (1981)
  Cat People (1982)
  Tribe of the Dead aka Quintana Roo (1984)
  The Brain Eaters (1985)
  The Howling III: Echoes (1985)
  The Wet Good-Bye (1986)
  Carrion (1986)
  Cameron's Closet aka Cameron's Terror (1986)
  Floater (1988)
  Doomstalker (1989)
  The Boiling Pool (1995)
  Mind Grabber (1999)
  Rot (1999)
  The Experiment (1999)