1930 - 2017

Writing as: Daniel Adams, Leslie Arlen, Robin Cade, Peter Grange, Nicholas Grant, Caroline Gray, Mark Logan, Max Marlow, Simon McKay, Christina Nicholson, Robin Nicholson, Christopher Nicole, Alan Savage, Alison York, Andrew York

An impressively prolific writer of some critically acclaimed novels, Christopher Nicole has been writing since he was in his mid 20's. Born and raised in what is now Guyana, he is the son of Scottish parents who were living there at the time. His father was a policeman. Mr. Nicole attended university there and in Barbados and went into the banking business after graduation.

Series Books
Daniel Adams
Other Brothers and Enemies [Grant Saga] (1982)
  Defiant Loves [Grant Saga] (1984)
Leslie Arlen
Other Love and Honor [Borodin's] (1980)
  War and Passion [Borodin's] (1981)
  Fate and Dreams [Borodin's] (1981)
  Hope and Glory [Borodin's] (1982)
  Rage and Desire [Borodin's] (1982)
  Fortune and Fury [Borodin's] (1984)
Robin Cade
Other The Fear Dealers (1974)
Peter Grange
Other King Creole (1966)
  The Devil's Emissary (1968)
  The Tumult At the Gate (1970)
  The Golden Goddess (1973)
Nicholas Grant
Other Khan (1993)
Caroline Gray
Other First Class (1984)
  Hotel De Luxe (1985)
  Victoria's Walk (1986)
  White Rani (1986)
  The Third Life (1988)
  The Shadow of Death (1989)
  Blue Water, Black Depths (1990)
  The Daughter (1992)
  Golden Girl (1992)
  Spares (1993)
  Death of the Devil [Devil Trilogy] (1994)
  Spawn of the Devil [Devil Trilogy] (1994)
  A Woman of Her Time [Mayne] (1995)
  A Child of Fortune [Mayne] (1996)
  Crossbow (1996)
  The Promised Land [Caribee] (1997)
  Masquerade (1997)
  The Phoenix [Caribee] (1998)
  The Torrent [Caribee] (1999)
  The Inheritance [Caribee] (1999)
Mark Logan
Other Tricolour aka The Captain's Woman (1976)
  Gillotine aka French Kiss (1976)
  Brumaire aka December Passions (1978)
Max Marlow
Other Her Name Will Be Faith (1988)
  The Red Death (1990)
  Meltdown (1991)
  Arctic Peril (1993)
  Growth (1993)
  Where the River Rises (1994)
  Shadow at Evening (1994)
  The Burning Rocks (1995)
  Hell's Children (1996)
  Dry (1997)
  The Trench (1998)
Simon McKay
Other The Seas of Fortune [Anderson Line] (1983)
  The Rivals [Anderson Line] (1985)
Christina Nicholson
Other Power and the Passion (1977)
  The Savage Sands (1978)
  Queen of Paris (1979)
Robin Nicholson
Other This Friday Spy aka A Passion for Treason (1980)
Christopher Nicole
Jonathan Anders Operation Destruct (1969)
  Operation Manhunt (1970)
  Operation Neptune (1972)
Anna Fehrbach Angel From Hell (2006)
  Angel In Red (2006)
  Angel Of Vengeance (2007)
  Angel In Jeopardy (2007)
  Angel Of Doom (2008)
  Angel Rising (2008)
  Angel Of Destruction (2009)
  Angel Of Darkness (2009)
Jessica Jones The Search (2001)
  Poor Darling (2002)
  The Pursuit (2002)
  The Voyage (2003)
  The Followers (2004)
  A Fearful Thing (2005)
Berkeley Townsend To All Eternity (1999)
  The Quest (2000)
  Be Not Afraid (2002)
Other Shadows in the Jungle (1961)
  Dark Noon (1963)
  Blood Amyot [Amyot Saga] (1964)
  Amyot's Cay [Amyot Saga] (1964)
  The Amyot Crime [Amyot Saga] (1965)
  White Boy (1966)
  The Self Lovers (1968)
  The Thunder and the Shouting (1969)
  Operation Destruct (1969)
  The Longest Pleasure (1970)
  Face of Evil (1971)
  Operation Neptune (1972)
  Lord of the Golden Fan (1973)
  Heroes (1973)
  Caribee [Caribee of the Hiltons] (1974)
  Operation Manhunt (1974)
  The Devil's Own [Caribee of the Hiltons] (1975)
  Ratoon (1975)
  Mistress of Darkness [Caribee of the Hiltons] (1976)
  Black Dawn [Caribee of the Hiltons] (1977)
  Sunset [Caribee of the Hiltons] (1978)
  Secret Memoirs of Lord Byron (1979)
  Lord of Sin (1980)
  Haggard [Haggard Chronicles] (1980)
  Friday Spy (1981)
  Haggard's Inheritance aka The Inheritors [Haggard Chronicles] (1981)
  Young Haggards [Haggard Chronicles] (1982)
  The Queen of Paris (1982)
  Savage Sands (1983)
  Power and the Passion (1983)
  The Crimson Pagoda [China] (1983)
  The Seeds of Rebellion [Black Majesty] (1984)
  The Scarlet Princess [China] (1984)
  Red Dawn [China] (1985)
  The Sun and the Dragon [Sun of Japan] (1985)
  Wild Harvest [Black Majesty] (1985)
  The Sea and the Sand [McGann Saga] (1986)
  Old Glory [McGann Saga] (1986)
  The Sun on Fire [Sun of Japan] (1987)
  Wind of Destiny (1987)
  Ship with No Name (1987)
  Iron Ships, Iron Men [McGann Saga] (1987)
  The Passion and the Glory [McGann Saga] (1988)
  The Sun Rises [Sun of Japan] (1988)
  The High Country [Kenya] (1988)
  Pearl of the Orient [Pearl of the Orient] (1988)
  The Regiment [Regiment Trilogy] (1988)
  The Triumph [Regiment Trilogy] (1989)
  The Command [Regiment Trilogy] (1989)
  The Happy Valley [Kenya] (1989)
  Dragon's Blood [Pearl of the Orient] (1989)
  Raging Sea, Searing Sky [McGann Saga] (1990)
  Singapura [Pearl of the Orient] (1990)
  Dark Sun [Pearl of the Orient] (1990)
  Sword of Fortune [Sword of India] (1990)
  Days of Wine and Roses? [Dawson Saga] (1991)
  Sword of Empire [Sword of India] (1991)
  The Titans (1992)
  Resumption [Dawson Saga] (1992)
  Bloody Sunrise [Bloody Sun] (1993)
  The Last Battle [Dawson Saga] (1993)
  Bloody Sunset [Bloody Sun] (1994)
  The Seeds of Power [Russian Saga] (1994)
  The Red Tide [Russian Saga] (1995)
  The Masters [Russian Saga] (1995)
  The Red Gods [Russian Saga] (1996)
  The Scarlet Generation [Russian Saga] (1996)
  The Trade [Arms of War] (1997)
  Death of a Tyrant (1997)
  Shadows in the Sun [Arms of War] (1998)
  Guns in the Desert [Arms of War] (1998)
  Singapore 3 (1999)
  Prelude to War [Arms of War] (1999)
  Ransom Island (2001)
  Demon (2003)
  The Falls Of Death (2004)
  Cold Country, Hot Sun (2005)
  Twilight of a Goddess [Jane Elizabeth Digby] (2010)
  Dawn of a Legend [Jane Elizabeth Digby] (2010)
  Manu (2011)
  Queen of Glory (2012)
Alan Savage
Other Ottoman (1990)
  Moghul (1991)
  The Eight Banners [Eight Banners] (1992)
  The Last Bannerman [Eight Banners] (1993)
  Queen of the Night (1993)
  Queen of Lions (1994)
  Queen of Love [Eleanor] (1995)
  Eleanor of Aquitaine [Eleanor] (1995)
  The Sword and the Scalpel [Sword] (1996)
  The Sword and the Jungle [Sword] (1996)
  The Sword and the Prison [Sword] (1997)
  The Afrika Corps [Sword] (1998)
  Stop Rommel! [Sword] (1998)
  The Traitor Within [Sword] (1999)
  Commando [Commando] (1999)
  The Cause [Commando] (2000)
  The Tiger [Commando] (2000)
  Partisan [Partisan] (2001)
  Murder's Art [Partisan] (2002)
  Battleground [Balkan] (2002)
  The Killing Ground [Balkan] (2003)
  Resistance [French Resistance] (2003)
  The Game of Treachery [French Resistance] (2004)
  Legacy of Hate [French Resistance] (2004)
  Blue Yonder [RAF] (2005)
  The Brightest Day [French Resistance] (2005)
  Death in the Sky [RAF] (2006)
  Storm Warning [Hon. Duncan Morant] (2007)
  The Whirlwind [RAF] (2007)
  Spiralling Down [RAF] (2007)
  The Calm and the Storm [Hon. Duncan Morant] (2008)
  The Flowing Tide [Hon. Duncan Morant] (2008)
  The Vortex [Hon. Duncan Morant] (2009)
Alison York
Other The Fire and the Rope (1979)
  The Scented Sword (1980)
  No Sad Song (1987)
  A Secret Truth (1987)
  That Dear Perfection (1988)
  The Maxton Bequest (1989)
  A Binding Contract (1990)
  Summer in Eden (1990)
  Love's Double Fool (1991)
  Distant Shadows (1992)
  Tomorrow's Harvest (1992)
  Dear Enemy (1994)
  Free to Love (1995)
Andrew York
Jonas Wilde The Eliminator (1966)
  The Co-Ordinator (1967)
  The Predator (1968)
  The Deviator (1969)
  The Dominator (1969)
  The Infiltrator (1971)
  The Expurgator (1972)
  The Captivator (1974)
  The Fascinator (1975)
Other Where the Cavern Ends (1970)
  Dark Passage (1976)
  Tallant for Trouble [Munro Tallant] (1977)
  Tallant for Disaster [Munro Tallant] (1978)
  The Combination (1983)
  Tallant for Terror [Munro Tallant] (1995)
  Tallant for Democracy [Munro Tallant] (1996)