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Full Name: Jonas Wilde
Codename: The Eliminator
Nationality: British
Organization: British Elimination Squad
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew York
Time Span: 1966 - 1975


Jonas Wilde is an assassin for the British Elimination Squad.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Wilde was the son of a father who worked for a British bank and of a mother from Manchester, New Hampshire. Little of his childhood is known until he is called up to serve in National Service. His duty in Korea saw him working as a Commando. In this field of duty, he rose three times to the rank of Sergeant but each time lost that NCO position, wine and women being the principle downfalls.

One particular action during the war brought him to the attention of the clandestine agencies. One night with a jammed rifle, he found himself sharing a foxhole with three enemy soldiers bent on his death. Unarmed, he was the only one to leave alive.

Soon, he was approached and with no fanfare, he was gone from Korea and gone from a 'normal' life.

Based on the time table mentioned in the first book, Wilde would have been around 27 when he was recruited and 37 when the first story starts.

Jonas Wilde does not like guns. He is not particularly fond of knives. His hands are his primary weapons and with them he has eliminated over 25 enemies of the British government before the first book.

Wilde's hobbies are women, drink, sailing, and chess, usually although not always in that order. He will not turn down a cigarette but would choose a cigar if given the opportunity. He prefers mixed drinks, and some quite unusual ones, to straight drinks or beer.

Wilde is described as a big man, long-legged and broad shoulders. He has a gaunt face, a chin that juts out, and cheekbones that rise 'like granite outcroppings from a brown sand beach'. His hair is dark brown and receding. His eyes are light blue and considered 'thoughtful and deceptively mild'. His mouth is wide and when he smiled, he would be thought handsome.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1975

1 The Eliminator The Eliminator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1966

Jonas Wilde has for the past 10 years worked for the British government as its lone assassin . Ready to call it quits, he receives one final assignment during which he learns that for the past year, his superior has been an agent for the Reds.

2 The Co-Ordinator The Co-Ordinator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1967

The title 'The Co-Ordinator' refers not to Jonas Wilde but to Gunnar Moel, a well known and highly respected designer and manufacturer of women's apparel, especially swimwear. He is also the head of a highly sophisticated Intelligence ring, which may be why he is a target for elimination.

3 The Predator The Predator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1968

Jonas Wilde is again considering retirement when three members of the Squad are brutally murdered in the offices of the Squad. Now Wilde is off to Rome to track down the killers and make them pay for having attacked the service.

4 The Deviator The Deviator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1969

Who was the true Deviator? Was it Jonas Wilde's nemesis, Laurent Kieserit, or was it Kieserit's main rival in the Soviet world of espionage? Or perhaps it was the British scientist that had defected to Russia.

5 The Dominator The Dominator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1969

Inger had worked with Jonas Wilde before and knew how good he was. Now in Africa and involved with a man known as The Lord, head of a large religious cult, she decides she wants out but that would be over the Lord's dead body. Who better than Wilde to make it happen?

6 The Infiltrator The Infiltrator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1971

When is handler is arrested and the head of the service drugged to simulate a heart attack and is secreted away to a special asylum, Jonas Wilde is certain someone wants to destroy the Elimination Squad.

7 The Expurgator The Expurgator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1972

An American scientist's kidnapping and subsequent murder is but the first in a series of attacks against researchers working in Britain, apparently to drive a wedge between the two countries. Jonas Wilde is told to remove the wedge.

8 The Captivator The Captivator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1974

The Princess wanted to travel about Europe as someone else to be able to relax and live like a 'real person', but someone more interested in money than in keeping a secret learns the plan and soon the Princess is kidnapped. Jonas Wilde is sent to get her back.

9 The Fascinator The Fascinator
Written by Andrew York
Copyright: 1975

Reeling from a personal loss, Jonas Wilde runs to the south of Spain to hide inside a bottle. Soon, though, several members of the Israeli Secret Service coerce him into helping them keep alive the Prince of the small but vital oil-producing Arabic country who has a rare positive attitude towards Israel.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 Danger Route Danger Route
Also known as The Eliminator
Director: Seth Holt
Writers: Meade Roberts, Andrew York
Actors: Richard Johnson as Jonas Wilde, Carol Lynley as Jocelyn, Barbara Bouchet as Marita, Gordon Jackson as Brian Stern
Released: 1967

Jonas Wilde is wanting very much to quit but his controller has one more mission before he agrees. Wilde is to take out a Czech scientist held by the Americans. He does so but that is just the start of a lot of trouble.


Jonas Wilde did not ever receive the attention that he was due. Able to prove repeatedly the designation as 'most dangerous man in the world', Wilde faced serious challenges and always managed to get the job done. Still, he never made it to the upper echelon of spies as far as the reading public is concerned and that is a shame.

I read most of the series in the early to mid 70s, although the last few books were very hard to find. I reread them in the early 2000s. I will reread them again soon. They are just very, very good reads and should be on the list of every fan of spy fiction.

I mean it! Read 'em or I will tell Jonas.


My Grade: A

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Sir Gerald A+ 5/18/2012 11:38:58 AM

I read the first couple of these in the '60s and remember being quite impressed with the first novel. Not in the league of Bond, Blaise, Palmer, Quiller or Smiley but certainly at the top of the second division.

DHolloway A+ 2016-08-22

I think Widle ranks up there with the best of them. He should have become more popular than the others. The character is very interesting, the writing very tight, the plots will draw you in. All in all, an excellent series. Top Notch needs to reprint the rest of the series. Highly recommended.

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