Writing as: James R. Hannibal

According to the bio on his website: "Former fighter and stealth bomber pilot, James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. He has been shot at, locked up with surface to air missiles, and chased down a winding German road by an armed terrorist. He is a three-time Silver Falchion award-winner for his Section 13 mysteries for kids and a Selah Award winner for his Christian suspense.

James lives in Houston with his beautiful wife and two amazing sons. He is a rare multi-sense synesthete, meaning all of his senses intersect. He sees and feels sounds and smells and hears flashes of light. If he tells you the chocolate cake you offered smells blue and sticky, take it as a compliment."

Series Books
Nick Baron Wraith (ss) (2010)
  Shadow Catcher (2013)
  Shadow Maker (2014)
Talia Inger The Gryphon Heist (2019)
  Chasing The White Lion (2019)
Other Pirates: The Midnight Passage (2010)
  The Lost Property Office [Section 13] (2016)
  The Fourth Ruby [Section 13] (2017)
  The Clockwork Dragon [Section 13] (2019)
  The Paris Betrayal (2021)
  Wolf Soldier [Lightraider Academy] (2021)
  Elysium Tide (2022)
  A Spy and the Book of Job [NF] (2022)
  Bear Knight [Lightraider Academy] (2023)