Writing as: Richard D. Taylor

According to the bio on Amazon: "Richard Taylor is best known for writing fast-paced thriller novels with surprises, a touch of romance, and great endings. 

His protagonist is a wealthy woman taking charge of dangerous, sometimes romantic, situations with plenty of intrigue and excitement. Powerful political, radical, and criminal figures soon find they have met their match with Kate Adler applying her unique resources directing their downfall. 

Much of his writing originates from a lifelong interest in foreign policy, technology, and the military. His writing occurs early in the morning with a constant cup of coffee. When he is not writing, he enjoys pen and computer drawing in the evening, accompanied by music and Angel's Envy, a fine Kentucky bourbon."

Series Books
Kate Adler Geneva Intrusion (2021)
  Primary Protocol (2021)
  Islands of Peace (2021)
  Brimstone Offensive (2022)