Writing as: Ted Borris

According to the bio on Amazon: "An Air Force veteran has spent his life working with people. First, he worked as a high school math teacher and guidance counselor. Later, He spent over thirty years as a general dentist caring for the dental needs of his community.

Upon retiring from private practice, he became Director of Scientific Programs for the Chicago Dental Society. In this position, Ted coordinates the continuing education programs for one of the premier dental meetings in the world.

In 2020 Ted began writing as a hobby when he looked at the Coronavirus Pandemic from a different perspective. This led to his first book, a fictional account of the pandemic and its causes, "What If??". He continues the story with his principal characters, Rick Bernard and Summer Sawyer in "A Statement of Vengeance".

Ted is married and has two adult daughters and lives in suburban Chicagoland."

Series Books
Rick Bernard What If?? (2020)
  A Statement Of Vengeance (2021)
  The Kestrel Affair (2022)