Writing as: Logan Ryles

According to the bio on his website: "Logan Ryles is an action-thriller and crime author, best known for his interwoven plots and heart-stopping, page-turning thrillers.

Originally from Alabama, many of Logan’s stories are set in the rural countryside and bustling cities of the Deep South, orbiting around a cast of characters that are both diverse and human. With a focus on delivering an edge-of-your-seat experience, Logan blends suspense and mystery, romance and intrigue, always searching for the perfect cocktail of page-turning adventure.

Logan lives with his wife in Alabama."

Series Books
Wolfgang Pierce That Time In Bangkok (ss) (2)
  That Time In Paris (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Cairo (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Moscow (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Rio (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Tokyo (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Sydney (ss) (2021)
  That Time In Appalachia (ss) (2021)
  The Wolfgang Pierce Series (2022)
  That Time In Hong Kong (ss) (2023)
  That Time In Dubai (ss) (2024)
Other Overwatch [Reed Montgomery] (2019)
  Hunt To Kill [Reed Montgomery] (2019)
  Total War [Reed Montgomery] (2019)
  Smoke And Mirrors [Reed Montgomery] (2020)
  Survivor [Reed Montgomery] (2021)
  Death Cycle [Reed Montgomery] (2021)
  Sundown [Reed Montgomery] (2021)
  Point Blank [Mason Sharpe] (2022)
  Take Down [Mason Sharpe] (2023)
  End Game [Mason Sharpe] (2023)
  Fire Team [Mason Sharpe] (2023)
  Flash Point [Mason Sharpe] (2023)