Writing as: Christoffer Petersen

According to the bio on his website: "Christoffer Petersen lives in a small forest in Jutland, in southern Denmark. He hasn’t always been Danish; in fact, he borrowed his pseudonym surname from his Danish wife, Jane. Chris writes all kinds of stories under different pen names, but is best known for his crime books and thrillers set in Greenland.

Chris (and Jane*) spent seven years in Greenland living and working as a teacher in remote communities far above the Arctic Circle. He spent four years on the island of Uummannaq, named after the heart-shaped mountain that dominates the island. Moving north, Chris lived in Qaanaaq – not so very far from the North Pole – for two years before moving to Greenland’s capital: Nuuk, where he taught at the higher education college and the Police Academy. (*Jane worked as an enrolled nurse in the hospitals in Uummannaq and Nuuk.)

Chris has a BA in Outdoor Education from the University of Strathclyde, a Danish teaching qualification, and an MA in ICT and Learning from Aalborg University. While living in Greenland, Chris studied for a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Falmouth University. Chris graduated with a distinction in 2015. He has been writing full-time since January 2018."

Series Books
Fenna Brongaard The Ice Star (2016)
  In The Shadow Of The Mountain (2017)
  The Shaman's House (2017)