Writing as: Genie Driscoll

According to her bio on Smashwords: "I have been writing fiction and Poetry for the past 18 years, as a hobby.

I am a genre writer, and I write Romance, science Fiction, fantasy, thrillers, humor, crime, drama and poetry. I love writing original Science fiction and Thrillers the most. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them. I have a few novel series and 2 Anthologies. The Romance Anthologies include all my Romances except Rebel Princess and my Spy Anthology Tavonovich will include all current and coming individual novels. All Royalties go to my charities, The Central California Food Bank. Every penny counts to feeding the hungry. And St Jude's Children Research Hospital."

Series Books
Vanessa Tavonovich Tavonovich ~ Spy Anthology (2012)
  Family Ties (ss) (2012)
  Into Africa (ss) (2012)
  Trouble In Paradise (ss) (2012)
  Agent M.I.A. (ss) (2012)
  Dirty Wars (ss) (2012)
  Cocaine (ss) (2012)
  International Intrigue (ss) (2012)