Writing as: Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

According to the bio on her website: "Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick lives in an undisclosed location outside of Phoenix where she and her husband chase their four little boys. They don't chase their cat, however, because cats hate that.

She is the author of The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott spy series, The Kitten Files mysteries, and multiple short stories.

In addition to her writing, Perry enjoys reading, graphic design, playing a number of musical instruments, and watching movies that make her laugh.

Perry also writes as Denver Evans."

Series Books
Emily Abbott Red Rover, Red Rover (2019)
  Plan To Fail (2019)
  Bad Things, Small Packages (2019)
  Tutor, Nanny, Spit-Up, Spy (2019)
  A-Spying We Will Go (2019)
  Once Upon A Dime (2019)
  Five Star Spy (2020)
  Fair In War (2020)
Other The Case of the Tabloid Tattler (2014)
  The 12 Cats of Christmas (2017)
  The Case of the Very Bad Cat (2018)
  The Case of the Cereal Robber (2018)
  The Case of the Missing Hero (2018)
  Dead Drop (2018)
  The Case of the Invisible Thief (2019)