Writing as: Freddie P. Peters

According to the bio on Amazon: "Freddie P Peters is the author of two international thriller series, the Henry Crowne financial and espionage thriller series and the Nancy Wu political crime thriller series. Freddie seeks to build edge-of-seat plots that enravel deep and dark secrets.

A law graduate from Sorbonne, Paris and King’s College, London, she started her career as a lawyer before becoming an investment banker. Her profession led her to travel extensively around the world from Europe to Asia as well as North America, the Middle East and Africa.

25 years spent in the Square Mile-City of London working for too-big-to-fail international banks gave Freddie a view she likes to share on many hot topics from financial crisis to working in a high-octane, male dominated industry, from politics and the might of money to contemporary art.

The questions of ethics and the greater good, deception and secrecy inspire her writing. Her career placed her in a unique position to understand subterranean currents of power and how these can motivate or destroy people. Her extensive travels enabled her to experience and appreciate different countries and culture."

Series Books
Henry Crowne Collapse (2018)
  Breaking Point (2018)
  No Turning Back (2019)
  Spy Shadows (2020)
  Imposter In Chief (2022)
  Insurgent (2022)
  Red Renegade (2022)