1897 - 1963

Writing as: Robert J. Hogan

According to Wikipedia: "Robert Jasper Hogan (1897–1963) was an American author, mainly of pulp fiction and later western fiction. He is notable as the creator of G-8, published by Popular Publications. Unlike other pulp authors, all his works appeared under his own name rather than house pseudonyms.

Bob Hogan's story formula was for a secret diary of never-before-revealed wartime adventures to be opened to him by a former master spy. There would be an intimacy with high command that hinted at real events, but with the admission that literary license would be freely practiced. Hogan also determined to avoid similarity and dullness with a healthy injection of fantasy.

Using this basic structure, 110 issues were fleshed out with amazing variation in detail for the situational limitations of World War I. The first story, “The Bat Staffel” appeared in September, 1933. Print orders eventually peaked at about 200,000 and things went very well until early 1936 when the price per issue was reduced from 15¢ to 10¢ in an effort to hold circulation. Five years later, the April 1941 issue was the last of the monthly series; thereafter it appeared every two months. The end came with the June 1944 number. The old readership was having their own War; and for the younger, the excitement of daily realities overpowered the antiquity of Spads and Fokkers.

Post-pulp work included several full length western novels, Howl at the Moon, and work adapted for television. He wrote four full length pulp stories about The Secret 6 between 1934 and 1935, which were not aviation or western based, and 9 uncredited short stories between 1935 and 1937 and one under the alias Greaseball Joe.

He wrote many of his pulp stories while living in a small private house in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. Nick Carr in his book described him as: "Bob Hogan was tall, thin, blond, very outgoing and a voracious worker." He died 17 December 1963 in Florida.

Series Books
G-8 and His Battle Aces The Bat Staffel (1933)
  Purple Aces (1933)
  Ace of the White Death (1933)
  The Spider Staffel (1934)
  The Blizzard Staffel (1934)
  The Mad Dog Squadron (1934)
  The Panther Squadron (1934)
  The Hurricane Patrol (1934)
  The Dynamite Squadron (1934)
  The Dragon Patrol (1934)
  Squadron of Corpses (1934)
  The Skeleton Patrol (1934)
  The Vampire Staffel (1934)
  The Midnight Eagle (1934)
  The Invisible Staffel (1934)
  The Headless Staffel (1935)
  Staffel of the Floating Heads (1935)
  Staffel of Invisible Men (1935)
  Claws of the Sky Monster (1935)
  Staffel of Beasts (1935)
  Wings of the Juggernaut (1935)
  Squadron of the Scorpion (1935)
  The Gorilla Staffel (1935)
  The Cave Man Patrol (1935)
  The Death Monsters (1935)
  The X-Ray Eye (1935)
  The Sword Staffel (1935)
  Vultures of the Purple Death (1936)
  Patrol of the Mad (1936)
  Death Rides the Ceiling (1936)
  Skies of Yellow Death (1936)
  Wings of Invisible Doom (1936)
  Curse of the Sky Wolves (1936)
  Skeletons of the Black Cross (1936)
  The Wings of Satan (1936)
  Scourge of the Sky Beast (1936)
  The Patrol of the Dead (1936)
  The Blood Bat Staffel (1936)
  Patrol of the Cloud Crusher (1936)
  The Drome of the Damned (1937)
  The Flight of the Hell Hawks (1937)
  The Hand of Steel (1937)
  Flight of the Green Assassin (1937)
  Vengeance of the Vikings (1937)
  Patrol of the Purple Clan (1937)
  Flight of the Dragon (1937)
  Vultures of the White Death (1937)
  Fangs of the Sky Leopard (1937)
  Patrol of the Murder Masters (1937)
  Scourge of the Steel Mask (1937)
  Flight from the Grave (1937)
  Aces of the Damned (1938)
  The Bloody Wings of the Vampire (1938)
  Flying Coffins of the Damned (1938)
  The Condor Rides with Death (1938)
  Patrol of the Sky Vulture (1938)
  Fangs of the Serpent (1938)
  The Black Aces of Doom (1938)
  The Flames of Hell (1938)
  Patrol of the Iron Hand (1938)
  Patrol of the Phantom (1938)
  Wings for the Dead (1938)
  Satan Paints the Sky (1938)
  The Falcon Flies with the Damned (1939)
  Red Fangs of the Sky Emperor (1939)
  The Black Buzzard Flies to Hell (1939)
  Wings of the White Death (1939)
  Patrol of the Iron Scourge (1939)
  Wings of the Black Terror (1939)
  Flight of the Death Battalion (1939)
  Three Fly with Satan (1939)
  Death Rides the Last Patrol (1939)
  The Black Wings of the Raven (1939)
  The Sky Serpent Flies Again (1939)
  Raiders of the Silent Death (1939)
  Here Flies the Hawk of Hell (1940)
  Red Skies for the Squadron of Satan (1940)
  Squadron of the Damned (1940)
  Death Rides the Midnight Patrol (1940)
  The Damned Will Fly Again (1940)
  Bloody Wings for a Sky Hawk (1940)
  The Green Scourge of the Sky Raiders (1940)
  Wings of the Dragon Lord (1940)
  Sky Coffins for Satan (1940)
  White Wings for the Dead (1940)
  Sky-Guns for the Murder Master (1940)
  Red Wings for the Death Patrol (1940)
  Horde of the Black Eagle (1941)
  Squadron of the Flying Dead (1941)
  Death is My Destiny (1941)
  Fangs of the Winged Cobra (1941)
  Raiders of the Red Death (1941)
  Hordes of the Wingless Death (1941)
  Death To the Hawks of War (1941)
  Wings of the Doomed (1941)
  Wings of the Gray Phantom (1942)
  The Squadron of Death Flies High (1942)
  The Death Master's Last Patrol (1942)
  The Death Divers (1942)
  Raiders of the Death Patrol (1942)
  The Mark of the Vulture (1942)
  The Patrol to the End of the World (1943)
  Wings of the Hawks of Death (1943)
  Scourge of the Sky Monster (1943)
  Winged Beasts of Death (1943)
  Bombs from the Murder Wolves (1943)
  Wings of the Iron Claw (1943)
  Wings of the Death Monster (1944)
  The Devil's Sky Trap (1944)
  Wings of the Death Tigers (1944)