Writing as: Michael John Grist, Grist, Mike

According to the bio on his website: "Mike Grist is the bestselling author of the Christopher Wren thrillers. As Michael John Grist he has also written the 9-volume Last Mayor apocalypse series, the cyberpunk Soul Jacker trilogy and the epic fantasy Ignifer Cycle series.

For 11 years Michael lived in Tokyo exploring and photographing Japan's modern ruins, such as abandoned military bases, ghost towns and underground bunkers, gaining millions of hits on this website with his reports.

In his free time Michael works out, plays ultimate frisbee and mentors other authors."

Series Books
Michael John Grist
Other Death of East (2013)
  Mr. Ruins [Ruins Sonata] (2014)
  Cullsman (2014)
  The Saint's Rise [Ignifer] (2014)
  God of Ruin [Ruins Sonata] (2014)
  King Ruin [Ruins Sonata] (2014)
  The Last [Last Mayor] (2015)
  The Lost [Last Mayor] (2015)
  The Least [Last Mayor] (2015)
  The List [Last Mayor] (2016)
  The Loss [Last Mayor] (2016)
  The Laws [Last Mayor] (2016)
  The Lies [Last Mayor] (2017)
  The Lash [Last Mayor] (2017)
  The Light [Last Mayor] (2018)
  The Rot's War [Ignifer] (2018)
  Soul Jacker [Soul Jacker] (2019)
  Soul Breaker [Soul Jacker] (2019)
  Soul Killer [Soul Jacker] (2019)
Grist, Mike
Christopher Wren Saint Justice (2019)
  Monsters (2019)
  Make Them Pay (2019)
  False Flag (2020)
  Fire Storm (2020)
  Enemy of the People (2021)
  Backlash (2021)
  Never Forgive (2022)