Writing as: Russ Snyder

According to the bio on Amazon: "An avid reader all my life beginning with the Hardy Boys as a child; after 35 years in the construction and property management fields, I am following my dream of becoming a writer myself. I love the opportunity to create and develop my own characters and storylines. I write two different series, (The Sgt. Marvin Styles Assignments and the Jonathan Patrick Steele Adventures) that are found in the Thriller Genre. I try to balance the tension with a bit of mystery and humor. I take a bit of a different approach in my writing; I am heavy on character dialogue which is part of my unique style. I strive to write realistically with very few 'Author Liberties' taken, particularly in the 'physicality' of my stories."

Series Books
Marvin Styles The President's Weapon (2016)
  Dead Water (2016)
  No Mercy Given (2018)
Other Black Kayak (2018)
  A Relentless Pursuit (2019)