1968 -

Writing as: Darren G. Davis

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Darren G. Davis is an American independent comic book publisher and writer. He is the head of TidalWave Productions based in Portland, Oregon.

Davis began his career marketing the entertainment industry at E! Entertainment Television, USA Network, and Lion's Gate Entertainment. He entered comics publishing working for Jim Lee at Wildstorm, which shortly after was acquired by DC Comics. Davis also served as president of Joe Madureira's Beyond Entertainment.

Davis founded Bluewater Productions in 2007. Original titles created by Davis include 10th Muse, Legend of Isis, Orion the Hunter, Judo Girl, The Blackbeard Legacy, Victoria's Secret Service, and The Mis-Adventures of Adam West. Isis and Victoria's Secret Service have both been optioned for feature films, and 10th Muse was optioned for a television show. In 2015 he co-created comic book series with the Beekman Boys and Discovery Channel's Survivorman.

Davis created a line of superhero children's books based on his character Atlas, titled ABC's for Superheroes, 123's for Superheroes and Superheroes Guide to the Planets. He has written two YA graphic novels, 10th Muse: Maze of the Minotaur and Lost Raven, the latter of which features one of the first HIV-positive protagonists in a YA graphic novel. Proceeds from the sales go to the Evergreen AIDS Foundation."

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Victoria's Secret Service [creator]