1938 - 2013

Writing as: Dale Cutts

According to "Cutts was involved in drama from an early age from the time when he won a bursary for elocution in Std 1 (Grade 3). He was in school productions and then continued with the Natal Performing Arts Council (NAPAC), the Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal and the SABC. He also wrote plays and serials one of which was Squad Cars.

When television started he had the dubious honour of being the man South Africa loved to hate as Basil Clay in The Villagers.

He is best summed up by his daughter, Genevieve: "Cooked like a gourmet (best curry), drank black coffee like water, smoked far too many cigarettes, would always end a good meal with a black Irish Coffee, told the BEST stories, would make you laugh till your stomach hurt, had the worst temper I've ever encountered, stubborn as hell, kind, generous to a fault, loved theatre and words more than life, loved his children and Janine even more than that.""

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Adam Kane [creator]