1912 - 1980

Writing as: Steve Fisher, Stephen Gould, Grant Lane

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Stephen Gould Fisher was an American author best known for his pulp stories, novels and screenplays. He is one of the few pulp authors to go on to enjoy success as both an author in "slick" magazines, such as the Saturday Evening Post, and as an in-demand writer in Hollywood.

Steve Fisher was born 29 August 1912, in Marine City, Michigan. He was raised in Los Angeles, California, where he attended Oneonta Military Academy until running away to join the Navy at the age of sixteen. Fisher spent four years in the Navy submarine service, during which time he wrote prolifically, selling stories to U.S. Navy and Our Navy.

After Fisher's discharge from the Navy, he settled in Greenwich Village, New York, where he decided to pursue writing as a career. The first few months proved difficult. Fisher could not sell a story and suffered eviction from two apartments, and once had his electricity shut off. In March 1934, however, he would publish his first story, "Hell’s Scoop," in Sure-Fire Detective Magazine, beginning a career of considerable literary success.

Fisher's "Mistress Death" was the cover story on the May–June 1936 issue of New Mystery Adventures. Fisher published extensively in pulps throughout the 1930s, ‘40s and into the ‘50s. Magazines that featured his stories include Spicy Mystery Stories, Thrilling Detective, True Gang Life, Detective Fiction Weekly, The Shadow, New Mystery Adventures, Underground Detective, The Mysterious Fu Wang, The Phantom Detective, Ace Detective, Saucy Romantic Adventures, Mystery Adventure, Detective Tales, The Whisperer, Headquarters Detective, Hardboiled, Doc Savage, Feds, Federal Agent, Popular Detective, Clues, Detective Romances, Crime Busters, Pocket Detective and Detective Story Magazine."

Series Books
Steve Fisher
'Big Red' Brennan Death Maneuvers (ss) (1936)
  Murder on a Pigboat (ss) (1936)
  The Devil's Squadron (ss) (1936)
  Alias the Captain (ss) (1937)
  The Keeper of Codes (ss) (1937)
  Murder on Parade (ss) (1937)
  Riot at Dawn (ss) (1937)
  Battle Condition One (ss) (1937)
  Murder at Pensacola (ss) (1937)
  Peril at Panama (ss) (1937)
  Hospital for Murder (ss) (1937)
  Sabotage (ss) (1937)
  Night Flame (ss) (1937)
  Ah Fu Goes to Sea (ss) (1937)
  Singapore (ss) (1938)
  Appointment in Hollywood (ss) (1938)
  Battleship (ss) (1938)
  Shanghai Renegade (ss) (1938)
  Hulu Town (ss) (1938)
  Espionage Island (ss) (1938)
  Don't Say a Word (ss) (1938)
  Shanghai Renegade (ss) (1938)
  Thunder in Paradise (ss) (1939)
  Spies for Sale (ss) (1939)
  Wave a Flag (ss) (1939)
Sheridan Doome The Tattooed Skipper (ss) (1935)
  Genius of Murder (ss) (1935)
  The Yellow Cat (ss) (1935)
  Dollars of Death (ss) (1935)
  Wrecked Wings (ss) (1935)
  Pigboat Peril (ss) (1935)
  Murder of the Pigboat Skipper (1937)
Other Satan’s Angel (1935)
  Murder on the S-23 aka Murder of the Pigboat (1937)
  The Night Before Murder (1939)
  I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
  Winter Kill (1946)
  Be Still My Heart (1952)
  No House Limit (1958)
  Image of Hell (1961)
  Saxon’s Ghost (1969)
  The Big Dream (1970)
  The Hell-Black Night (1970)
Stephen Gould
Sheridan Doome Murder of the Admiral (1936)
  Time Out for Murder (ss) (1937)
  The Man in the Rubber Suit (ss) (1937)
  The Target (ss) (1937)
  Death in the Rain (ss) (1937)
  Murder in Avalon (ss) (1937)
  The Devil Take You (ss) (1938)
  Murder Without Regret (ss) (1938)
  Rain in Panama (ss) (1938)
  War Games (ss) (1938)
  Death Before Dusk (ss) (1938)
  Boy Kills Girl (ss) (1938)
  The Broken Wrist (ss) (1938)
  Sweet Sue (ss) (1938)
  Shanghai Transport (ss) (1938)
  S.O.S. (ss) (1938)
  Sailor in the Air (ss) (1938)
  Four Hundred a Week (ss) (1939)
  Death of a Sailor (ss) (1939)
  Navy Yard Runaround (ss) (1939)
  We Don’t Like Spies (ss) (1939)
  The Vessel of Mercy (ss) (1939)
  The Beautiful Brenda (ss) (1939)
  Girl from San Pedro (ss) (1939)
  Murder of a Lady (ss) (1939)
  Cops and Robbers (ss) (1939)
  Cruise to Nowhere (ss) (1939)
  Only Death Shall Pass (ss) (1940)
  Dead Men Don’t Breathe (ss) (1940)
  Murder Blackout (ss) (1940)
  The Magic Lantern (ss) (1940)
  Treasure Hunt (ss) (1940)
  Death Squadron (ss) (1940)
  Turn to for Murder (ss) (1941)
  Death Command (ss) (1941)
  Suicide Fleet (ss) (1941)
  Murder in Paradise (ss) (1941)
  Murder Manifest (ss) (1941)
  Crash Dive (ss) (1941)
  Convoy (ss) (1942)
  Crime on Sands Street (ss) (1942)
  Murder by Request (ss) (1942)
  Murder of a Sea Gull (ss) (1942)
  A Picture of the Victim (ss) (1942)
  Killers Always Burn (ss) (1942)
  Salvage Job (ss) (1942)
  The Corpse Died Screaming (ss) (1943)
  The Death Code (ss) (1943)
  Death in Panama (ss) (1943)
Other Murder of the Admiral (1936)
  Homicide Johnny (1940)
Grant Lane
Other Spend the Night (1935)