1893 - 1963

Writing as: Michael Chesney, Alexander Wilson

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Alexander "Alec" Joseph Patrick Wilson (24 October 1893 – 4 April 1963) was an English writer, spy and MI6 officer. He wrote under the names Alexander Wilson, Geoffrey Spencer, Gregory Wilson, and Michael Chesney. After his death his family discovered that he had been a serial polygamist who had lied to many people. As of 2018, documents that could shed light on his activities remain classified as "sensitive" by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, under section 3(4) of the Public Records Act 1958. The effect of his deceptions on his wives and descendants were dramatised in the 2018 BBC miniseries Mrs Wilson, in which his granddaughter, actress Ruth Wilson, portrayed her grandmother, Wilson's third wife, Alison."

Series Books
Michael Chesney
Callaghan of Intelligence Callaghan Of Intelligence (1938)
  Callaghan Meets His Fate (1939)
  "Steel" Callaghan (1939)
Alexander Wilson
Wallace of the Secret Service The Mystery of Tunnel 51 (1928)
  The Devil's Cocktail (1928)
  It Happened In Capri (ss) (1933)
  The Poisoned Plane (ss) (1933)
  East Is East (ss) (1933)
  Brien Averts A War (ss) (1933)
  A Greek Tragedy (ss) (1933)
  A Soviet Dinner Party (ss) (1933)
  Russian Hospitality (ss) (1933)
  Bound in Morocco (ss) (1933)
  Sentiment and Suicide (ss) (1933)
  Wallace of the Secret Service (1933)
  Out of the Land of Egypt (ss) (1933)
  Foreword (ss) (1933)
  Get Wallace! (1934)
  His Excellency, Governor Wallace (1936)
  Microbes of Power (1937)
  Wallace At Bay (1938)
  Wallace Intervenes (1939)
  That Bloody Afghan (ss) (1940)
  Chronicles of the Secret Service (1940)
  The China Doll (ss) (1940)
  Noughts and Crosses (ss) (1940)