Writing as: Bill Craig

According to the bio on Amazon: "I taught myself to read by age 4 and by age 6 I had started writing my own stories. I published my first novel at age 40, so it only took me 34 years to become an overnight success. Now at age 58, I have approximately 103novels in print. I'm a single father with custody of a very energetic 12- year-old son as well as his three older brothers and sisters. I have a large number of grandchildren and 1 great grand child.

I spent many years doing all sorts of jobs and learned something from each of them. Life is a constant journey and learning experience. Every bruise every scar we bear is a testament to what we have endured and forges us into the person that we are.

All of my characters tend to grow through what they endure, so I have translated some of my experiences into theirs or to imagine theirs. I feel this makes them very relatable to the average reader and makes the reader care about what happens to them. While my mysteries seem to sell the best I still enjoy writing pulp adventure and science fiction and westerns."

Series Books
Caribe From Havana With Love (2015)
  You Only Die Twice (2015)
  Operation Skyfire (2017)
  Operation Serpent's Tooth (2019)
Other Killshot [Sam Decker] (2009)
  Ghosts of the Sargasso [Hardluck Hannigan] (2009)
  The Butterfly Tattoo [Joe Collins] (2009)
  Death Song [Sam Decker] (2010)
  The Spear of Goliath [Hardluck Hannigan] (2010)
  Curse of the Kill Devil [Hardluck Hannigan] (2010)
  Dead Letters (2011)
  Comanche Station (2011)
  Peril in the North [Hardluck Hannigan] (2011)
  The Golden Scorpion [Hardluck Hannigan] (2011)
  Smugglers' Blues [Sam Decker] (2011)
  Running the voodoo Down [Sam Decker] (2012)
  A Cold and Lonely Death [Sam Decker] (2012)
  Paradise Lost [Joe Collins] (2012)
  Sabre and the Temple of the Sun [Sabre] (2013)
  Best Served Cold [Sam Decker] (2013)
  Wolf Creek Pass (2013)
  Marlow: The Neon Goodbye [Key West Mystery] (2013)
  Marlow: Indigo Tide [Key West Mystery] (2013)
  Marlow: Banana Wind [Key West Mystery] (2013)
  Marlow: Mango Run [Key West Mystery] (2014)
  The Hand of Evil [Hardluck Hannigan] (2014)
  Red River Rampage [Jericho Walls] (2014)
  Trail to Trouble [Jericho Walls] (2014)
  Savage Autumn (2014)
  Maverick: Solitary Travelers (2014)
  Pieces of Eight [Sam Decker] (2014)
  Sabre and the River of Doom [Sabre] (2014)
  Chandler: Circle City Shakedown [Circle City] (2014)
  Darkest Night [Joe Collins] (2014)
  Asteroid Raiders [Freetrader Orion] (2014)
  Lives In The Balance [Sam Decker] (2014)
  Chandler: Circle City Slam [Circle City] (2015)
  Arizona Deadline [Sam Decker] (2015)
  Wolfpacks on the Rim [Freetrader Orion] (2015)
  Atlantis Rising: The Mission (2015)
  Marlow: Dark Waters [Key West Mystery] (2015)
  Marlow: Something Wicked [Key West Mystery] (2015)
  Paladin's Quest (2015)
  Scorpion Cay [Sam Decker] (2016)
  Those Left Behind [Sam Decker] (2016)
  Speaking for the Dead [Moseby and French] (2016)
  The Past Never Dies [Mitch Cooper] (2016)
  One More Way to Die [Mitch Cooper] (2016)
  Marlow: Papa's Legacy [Key West Mystery] (2016)
  The Legendary Tales of Sabre [Sabre] (2016)
  The Voyages of the Freetrader Orion [Freetrader Orion] (2016)
  Night Shadows [Rebekah McCabe] (2016)
  To Die For [Mitch Cooper] (2017)
  Marlow: Hurricane Bay [Key West Mystery] (2017)
  Chandler: Circle City Frame [Circle City] (2017)
  Night Sorrows [Rebekah McCabe] (2017)
  Blood Vow [Sam Decker] (2017)
  The Drop Dead Blonde [AJ Harker] (2017)
  Night Stalker [Rebekah McCabe] (2018)
  River of the Sun [Hardluck Hannigan] (2018)
  The Sky Masters [Hardluck Hannigan] (2018)
  Emerald Death [Hardluck Hannigan] (2018)
  Marlow: Lost Girl [Key West Mystery] (2018)
  Looking Into Darkness [Moseby and French] (2018)
  Marlow: Midnight Blues [Key West Mystery] (2018)
  Maverick (2018)
  Codex (2018)
  Where Walks the Scarecrow? (2018)
  Threat of Violence [Sam Decker] (2018)
  Freetrader Orion [Freetrader Orion] (2019)
  The Runaway Redhead [AJ Harker] (2019)