Writing as: Lars Emmerich

According to the bio on FantasticFiction: "Lars Emmerich is an author, entrepreneur, investor, athlete, musician, and retired fighter pilot. He has lived in Asia, Europe, and various spots in North America. He currently resides with his family in Colorado and Virginia.

He writes edgy fiction. He's probably on the NSA watch list. He buys guns, gold, and real estate. He still flies airplanes, but not the fast ones.

He likes it when the good guys are a little bad and the villains make you question your beliefs. Like Sam, the heroine in his novels, Lars has a foul mouth, a big heart, and a caustic sense of humor. He doesn't watch the news."

Series Books
Sam Jameson Devolution (2014)
  The Incident: Reckoning (2014)
  Meltdown (2014)
  Mindscrew (2014)
  The Incident: Inferno Rising (2014)
  Fallout (2015)
  Descent (2015)
  The Blowback Protocol (2017)
  Burn (2017)
  The Wrong (2020)
  Deep Fake (2021)