Writing as: Xander Weaver

According to the bio on Amazon: "After a career spent in the realm of computer programming, much of Xander Weaver's early work focused on the development of custom online shopping systems. An accomplished Web developer with more than fifteen years of experience, his childhood dream remained the same: to become an author and take readers on thrilling adventures. That dream was realized when he introduced the action/suspense character of Cyrus Cooper to the world. His love and passion for technology is often found at the heart of his books, because, as he professes, "I write the kind of stories that I love to read."

Xander now lives in Northern Illinois with his wife and overindulged turtle. Having come full circle, their home is just a few short miles away from where Xander grew up--the home where his imagination began to shine."

Series Books
Cyrus Cooper Dangerous Minds (2014)
  Rogue Faction, Part 1 (2014)
  Rogue Faction, Part 2 (2015)
  Halon-Seven (2015)