Writing as: Jeffrey Seay

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jeffrey Seay is a retired NCIS Special Agent. He spent more than half his career in the Far East in counterintelligence, counter-terrorism and force protection operations. He has the distinction of being the first Personal Security Adviser to the Commander of the Seventh Fleet. He also completed a decorated tour in Iraq, running counterintelligence collection operations in support of the Coalition Provisional Authority from fall 2003 to spring 2004. He's currently bouncing back and forth between San Diego and Tokyo, having gone back to Japan after retirement in 2007 to build the security and fraud Investigations departments for three multinational firms.

He's a graduate of the University of Southern California in Business Administration and has a law degree from Whittier Law School."

Series Books
Ruben Carver Carver (2014)
  China Gold (2015)
  The Istanbul Agent (2015)
  The Jihadist List (2016)