Writing as: Jeffrey Poston

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jeffrey Poston is an international #1 bestselling author of several fast-paced adventure thrillers. His American Terrorist adventure series -- a "gritty page turner" and "powerfully intense" -- is rated "5 stars" after dozens of reviews. He has also received rave reviews of his acclaimed "Jason Peares" historical western series. Blending traditional and revisionist historical research, his westerns have been praised as "fast-moving" (Kelton) and "exciting, page-turning" (Zollinger) and "among the best writers of westerns" ( Adding to a diverse set of careers, Jeffrey is also an electrical engineer in laser optics, a professional project manager, a real estate investor, and an Air Force officer and gentleman. He lives in the great American southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Series Books
Carl Johnson Where Is The Girl? (2014)
  Contagion (2014)
  Escalate! (2018)