Writing as: David Bishop

According to the bio on his website: "I was born in Washington, D.C., the son of a Navy man posted for duty in the nation’s capital. From there, my life likely mirrored that of a lot of my readers. We moved around. I got some education, played some sports, and got more education. I was married forty years, it ended in divorce. Along the way, we raised two children. An exercise, as you likely know, that was a great blessing, the source of much joy, and also an experience that helped me find the pleasure of Irish whiskey.

Over the years I mostly worked for myself, changing industries now and again when the boredom of the prior one grew too great. My longest running job was as a business valuation analyst, which means I told privately-owned companies their market value. That led to my co-authoring my first book, a nonfiction work published in three languages. But let’s talk about my current and final career, writing mystery novels.

As a writer I conjure up occurrences designed to quickly bring the story to a roiling boil. Then I decide how I will sustain that tension, inserting interesting respites for the characters and the readers. Along the way I invent people. Victims and villains and heroes are needed, as well as a supporting cast. I want these people to be fun and interesting so you will care what happens to them, and welcome them within your circle of friends. Other characters are designed so you will loath them and want to see them brought down. The primary characters need habits and tics and talents, the qualities that make you love them or hate them. Wish to see them humiliated or hunted down, be successful or seduced, or both. And through it all runs the truism that justice isn’t always best found in a courtroom."

Series Books
Jack McCall The Third Coincidence (2012)
  The Blackmail Club (2013)
  Game of Masks (2019)
  Ladies Lunch Club Murders (2019)
Other The Beholder [Maddie Richards] (2011)
  The Woman [Linda Darby] (2011)
  Who Murdered Garson Talmadge [Matt Kile] (2011)
  The Original Alibi [Matt Kile] (2012)
  Money & Murder [Matt Kile] (2012)
  Death of a Bankster [Maddie Richards] (2013)
  Find My Little Sister [Matt Kile] (2014)
  The Maltese Pigeon [Matt Kile] (2015)
  Hometown Secrets [Linda Darby] (2015)
  The First Lady's Second Man [Linda Darby] (2016)
  Judge Snider's Folly [Matt Kile] (2016)
  Scandalous Behavior [nv] [Matt Kile] (2017)
  The Year We Had Murder [Matt Kile] (2017)
  Heart Strike [Linda Darby] (2018)