Writing as: Jeff Shear

According to the bio on his website: "Jeff Shear writes the alt-espionage series, The Jackson Guild Books, about a Congressional aide turned spy in a demi-dystopian era. Guild—pronounced like wild—survived a nuclear attack that decapitated the government. He lives in an alternate future beginning in an alternate past, September 28, 2009, where the world teeters toward war and annihilation from Russia and the danger of succumbing to the fascist power politics driven by one closely knit American family.

This is an explosive and prescient series boasting ruthless characters and odd-ball gentlemen who struggle fiercely over a fourth generation nuclear device the size of a Rubick's cube. A weapon that makes atomic war possible.

Shear comes well armed for the Guild job. He's served as a Fellow at The Center for Public Integrity in Washington, DC. and walked the halls of Congress as a staff correspondent for National Journal. He was hard-passed to the White House and credentialed at Treasury. His first book was an investigation into a weapons deal between the US and Japan (FSX), published by Doubleday. Entitled The Keys to the Kingdom, the work is available in eBook."

Series Books
Jackson Guild Accidental Spy (2013)
  Near Miss (2016)
  Final Report (2017)