1949 -

Writing as: John Lawton

According to the short bio on Fantastic Fiction: "TV producer, and for past five years full time writer. John Lawton lives in a hilltop village in the Derbyshire Pennines."

Series Books
Frederick Troy Black Out (1995)
  Old Flames (1996)
  A Little White Death (1998e)
  Riptide (2001)
  Blue Rondo (2005)
  Second Violin (2007)
  A Lily Of The Field (2010)
  Friends And Traitors (2017)
Joe Wilderness Then We Take Berlin (2013)
  The Unfortunate Englishman (2016)
  Hammer To Fall (2020)
  Moscow Exile (2023)
Other Black Out (1994)
  Old Flames (1996)
  A Little White Death (1998)
  Riptide aka Bluffing Mr. Churchill (2001)
  Sweet Sunday (2002)
  Blue Rondo aka Flesh Wounds (2004)
  Second Violin (2007)
  A Lily of the Field (2010)
  Friends and Traitors (2017)
  East of Suez, West of Charing Cross Road (2018)