Writing as: Martyn V. Halm

According to the bio on his website: "Martyn V. Halm lives in Amsterdam with his two children, two cats, two rats, and countless imaginary characters vying for attention. Writing realistic crime fiction is hard work, especially when you’re a stickler for verisimilitude. When your protagonist is a seasoned killer, research can take you right up to Nietzsche’s abyss. Luckily, things get easier after the first few killings… Apart from being an accomplished prevaricator, Martyn already possessed an eclectic variety of skills that qualified him to write the Amsterdam Assassin Series. Skills he shares with his deadly fictional characters…"

Series Books
Katla Sieltjes Reprobate (2012)
  Peccadillo (2012)
  Locked Room (ss) (2012)
  Microchip Murder (ss) (2012)
  Rogue (2013)
  Fundamental Error (ss) (2013)
  Aconite Attack (ss) (2014)
  Ghosting (2015)