Writing as: A. P. Bateman, Doc Ephraim Bates

According to the bio on Amazon: "He has a background in close protection and investigations which has given him a unique insight into the scenarios and locations his characters find themselves in.

He also prides himself on not being a "Wikipedia Author" and constantly uses locations he has visited either on holiday or in the name of research, weaponry he has used and interviews with experts on the subjects he writes about.

His hobbies are swimming, driving, shooting and food; his passions are travel and writing."

Series Books
A. P. Bateman
Alex King The Contract Man (2015)
  Lies and Retribution (2016)
  Shadows of Good Friday (2017)
  The Five (2018)
  Reaper (2018)
  Stormbound (2018)
  Rogue (2019)
  The Asset (2019)
  Breakout (2019)
  From The Shadows (2019)
  Atonement (ss) (2019)
  Last Man Standing (2020)
  Hunter Killer (2021)
  The Congo Contract (2021)
  Dead Man Walking (2022)
  Sovereign Power (2022)
  Kingmaker (2023)
  Untouchable (2023)
  The Enemy (2023)
  Die Trying (2024)
Rob Stone The Ares Virus (2015)
  The Town (2016)
  The Island (2016)
  Stone Cold (2021)
Doc Ephraim Bates
Boom!!...Killers Chasing Black Ice (2016)
  Chasing Revenge (2016)
  Chasing Liberation (2018)