Writing as: Wesley Julian

According to the bio on Amazon: "My name is Wesley Julian, author of the Isadora Fleming series. I was born in Memphis, TN, but grew up in Brazil. Today I live in Florida with my wife where I am currently writing more Isadora novellas.

My first stories were written with action figures, not words. As a child, I owned a plethora of GI Joes and the like, and used those for more than they were ever intended. The first one I can remember was about an action hero named Ford Martin, who had a scientist friend. The bad guys killed the scientist, but luckily, the scientist had invented a time machine, so Ford went back in time and saved his friend. That one's free of charge."

Series Books
Isadora Fleming Fight For The Undead (2012)
  With Her In The Night (ss) (2013)
  Even Unto Death (ss) (2014)
  The Mocker and the Brawler (ss) (2014)
  After The Wind (ss) (2015)