1926 - 2003

Writing as: Graham Coton

According to "Graham Coton is best known as an artist of World War II comics. Born in Woolwich, he attended the Goldsmith's College of Art in London, but his education was interrupted during World War II. By 1946/1947 he was working for the R.A.F. as a Physical Instructor. He began freelancing for Amalgamated Press in the early 1950s. He started out drawing 'Kit Carson' comics for Cowboy Comics Library and later he drew four short strips for the Thriller Comics Library (an adventure of 'Gulliver' for #5, a 'Dick Turpin' strip for #8 and two Three Musketeer strips in # 12 and 26). For Knock-Out, he drew several episodes of 'Sexton Blake' in 1951. Also for this magazine, he drew 'Captain Phantom', the World War II Master Spy, starting in 1953."

Series Books
Spy 13 [creator]