1866 - 1946

Writing as: E. Phillips Oppenheim

According to Wikipedia: "Edward Phillips Oppenheim (22 October 1866 – 3 February 1946) was an English novelist, in his lifetime a major and successful writer of genre fiction including thrillers.

Edward Phillips Oppenheim was born 22 October 1866 in Leicester, the son of Henrietta Susannah Temperley Budd and Edward John Oppenheim, a leather merchant. He worked in his father's business for almost twenty years. He went to Wyggeston Grammar School.

Oppenheim's literary success enabled him to buy a villa in France and a yacht, then a house in Guernsey, though he lost access to this during the Second World War. Afterwards he regained the house, le Vanquiédor in St. Peter Port, and he died there on 3 February 1946."

Series Books
General Besserley The Phantom Fleet (ss) (1934)
  General Besserley's Puzzle Box (1935)
  The Man Who Thought He Was a Pauper (ss) (1935)
  The Lady in the Grey Wig (ss) (1935)
  The Man Who Harnessed the Laws of Chance (ss) (1935)
  The Devil’s Wind (ss) (1935)
  The Mysterious Pirandettis (ss) (1935)
  The Butterfly in the Death Chamber (ss) (1935)
  Giants in the Countinghouse (ss) (1935)
  The Bride of the Shining Hour (ss) (1935)
  The Drama on the Sixth Tee (ss) (1939)
  A Wet Day’s Tragedy for Andrew Mason (ss) (1939)
  The Sphinx Whispered (ss) (1939)
  Fifty Thousand Francs and a Marriage Licence for Marie Louise (ss) (1939)
  The Trifling Lapse of the Mayor of St. Marac (ss) (1939)
  The Duchess Gave a Party (ss) (1939)
  The Unprepossessing Danseuse (ss) (1939)
  General Besserley Runs the Gauntlet (ss) (1939)
  Business for Father (ss) (1939)
  The Stranger at the Bar (ss) (1939)
  General Besserley's Second Puzzle Box (1939)
  The Husband of O-Nan-Sen (ss) (1939)
  Tresillian Found a Cure (ss) (1939)
Ambrose Lavendale The Man Who Could Have Ended The War (ss) (1916)
  The Lost Formula (ss) (1916)
  A Deal With Niko (ss) (1916)
  General Matravers Repays (ss) (1916)
  Susceptible Mr. Kessner (ss) (1916)
  The Machinations of Mr. Courlander (ss) (1916)
  The Indiscreet Traveler (ss) (1916)
  The Undeniable Force (ss) (1916)
  The Interrupted Revue (ss) (1916)
  The Sentence of the Court (ss) (1916)
  Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat (1920)
Mr. Sabin Mysterious Mr. Sabin (1898)
  The Yellow Crayon (1903)