Writing as: Dean Crawford

According to the bio on his website: "Dean Crawford is the Sunday Times best selling author of more than twenty thrillers, action-adventure and science fiction novels. He was born in Farnborough, Kent in 1973 to parents Terry and Carolyn Crawford. The eldest of four children, he was educated to GCSE level before his family moved to Coningsby, Lincolnshire in 1990. It was there that Dean learned that his lifelong dream of becoming a fighter-pilot in the Royal Air Force would never be realised due to his red-green colour blindness.

Searching for another career path to follow he took inspiration from his uncle, artist Christopher Jarvis, who had recently become a full-time painter of works in acrylic, oil and watercolour. Recognising that Chris was doing a job that he loved to do rather than one that he had to do, Dean searched for a similar pastime and settled on the writing of novels as a potential path to future success."

Series Books
Warner & Lopez Covenant (2011)
  Immortal (2013)
  The Eternity Project (2013)
  Apocalypse (2015)
  The Chimera Secret (2015)
  The Nemesis Origin (2015)
  The Fusion Cage (2015)
  The Identity Mine (2015)
  The Black Knight (2015)
  The Extinction Code (2015)
  The Genesis Cypher (2015)
  The Atlantis Codex (2017)
  The Disclosure Protocol (2018)
  Vanishing Point (2018)
  Event Horizon (2019)