1903 - 1996

Writing as: Alec Redwood

According to Wikipedia: "George Sava (October 15, 1903 – March 15, 1996) was a British surgeon and prolific writer of Russian origin.

Described as a "Russian exile", he was born George Alexis Bankoff on October 15, 1903. The grandson of Countess Sophia Sergeyevna Ignatieva and Count Alexei Pavlovich Ignatiev (Russian: ???? ??????? ???????? ????????), the former governor of Siberia, who was assassinated in 1906 for his perceived role in a plot to overthrow the Tsar, Sava's life was devoted to surgery and the pursuit of his literary ambitions. He wrote approximately 120 books under the pseudonyms George Sava, George Borodin, George Braddon, Peter Conway, Alec Redwood, and others as well as numerous non-fictional books on surgical techniques under his real name. His father was a Bulgarian who, at a time when Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire, migrated to Russia. He was a Lieutenant in the White Russian Navy when he was seventeen. He was forced to perform emergency surgery without any medical training that saved the life of a comrade which induced him to pursue a career in medicine and to become a surgeon.

He died on March 15, 1996, and was survived by five children."

Series Books
Michael Grant The Lady Is Not Fooling (1974)
  Mad Dogs And Englishmen (1976)
  The Day Of The Redeemer (1977)
  Deadline Moscow (1978)
  Wine With Veronica (1979)