Writing as: C. W. Browning

According to the bio on her website: "CW Browning was writing before she could spell. Making up stories with her childhood best friend in the backyard in Olathe, Kansas, imagination ran wild from the very beginning. At the age of eight, she printed out her first full-length novel on a dot-matrix printer. All eighteen chapters of it. Through the years, the writing took a backseat to the mechanics of life. Those mechanics, however, have a great way of underlining what genuinely lifts a spirit and makes the soul sing. After attending Rutgers University and studying History, her love for writing was rekindled. It became apparent where her heart truly lay. Picking up an old manuscript, she dusted it off and went back to what made her whole. CW still makes up stories in her backyard, but now she crafts them for her readers to enjoy. She makes her home in Southern New Jersey, where she loves to grill steak and sip red wine on the patio."

Series Books
Evelyn Ainsworth The Oslo Affair (2020)
  Night Falls on Norway (2020)
  The Courier (ss) (2020)
  The Iron Storm (2021)
  Into The Iron Shadows (2021)
  When Wolves Gather (2022)
Alina Maschik Next Exit, Three Miles (2013)
  Next Exit, Pay Toll (2013)
  Next Exit, Dead Ahead (2014)
  Next Exit, Quarter Mile (2018)
  Next Exit, Use Caution (2019)