Writing as: William Thistlethwaite

According to the bio on his website: "William Thistlethwaite is the author of ten published novels, including five action-adventures featuing covert operative Creed Emerson, The 51st State, Gold Power, Covert Operative, 47th State Threat, and Presidential Abuse Power (in 2018). William also released two family mystery novels, The Goblet in 2011 and The Isherus Goblet in 2013. William published a book started by his son Shaun, titled A Place Unknown, released in April 2012. In 2014 he released a science fiction novella, Last Survivor. In 2017, he released Running for Love. William is a lawyer and a Circuit Court Referee. He and his wife Susanne, live in Indiana. "

Series Books
Creed Emerson The 51st State (2010)
  Gold Power (2010)
  Covert Operative (2014)
  47th State Threat (2014)
  Presidential Abuse of Power (2018)