Writing as: Foley Western

According to her website: "Foley Western is a writer of Thrillers with a romantic thread and has written a

couple of children’s adventure books along the way.

She is an avid reader and an incurable romantic with a vivid imagination.

She started her career as a Librarian and slowly gravitated towards writing as she left the library. Foley’s love of travel has naturally fanned her curiosity about people and places and this of course has encouraged her to include

similar scenarios and places in her books. She was quite active in the Writers and Drama Society in her University days. Having spent some time as a primary school teacher

which she thoroughly enjoyed, it enabled her to write

some children’s stories.

Series Books
Agent Ginger Agent Ginger: The Extra Mile (2015)
  Agent Ginger: Misguided (2017)
  Agent Ginger: The Recall (2018)
  Agent Ginger: The Purple Stone (2018)