1907 - 1997

Writing as: John Harley, Harrington Hastings, John Marsh, Grace Richmond, Lilian Woodward

A very prolific British author of mysteries and detective novels spanning over four decades.

Series Books
John Harley
Other Doctor In Danger (1970)
Harrington Hastings
Other Criminal Square (1929)
  The War Dog Stirs (with Florence Shepherd) (1930)
John Marsh
Ray Felton Murderer's Maze (1957)
  Operation Snatch (1958)
  City Of Fear (1958)
  Small And Deadly (1960)
Other Maiden Armour (1932)
  Return They Must (1933)
  Lonely Pathway (1933)
  The Wrong That Was Done (1935)
  Body Made Alive: A Study in the Macabre (1936)
  A Glimpse of Paradise (1944)
  Many Parts (1946)
  Two Mrs. Farrells (1947)
  Shipwrecked Schoolship (1949)
  By the World Condemned (1949)
  The Secret of the Seven Sisters (1950)
  The Brain of Paul Menoloff (1953)
  The Cruise of the Carefree (1955)
  House of Echoes (1956)
  The Hidden Answer (1956)
  The Reluctant Executioner (1959)
  Girl in a Net (1962)
  The Golden Teddybear (1965)
  Not My Murder (1967)
  Monk’s Hollow (1968)
  Hate Thy Neighbour (1969)
  Master of High Beck (1969)
Grace Richmond
Other Nurse Hanson's Strange Case (1987)
Lilian Woodward
Other Nurse To Princess Jasmine (1979)