1929 -

Writing as: Webb Beech, Walter E Blake, James Douglas, W.E.B. Griffin, Eden Hughes, Edmund O. Scholefield, Patrick J. Williams

A incredibly long list of books follows the terrific writer's name. Indeed, the number of pseudonyms he has used is longer than most authors' bibliographies. Alex Baldwin, Walter E Blake, John Kevin Dugan, and so on. His real name is William E. Butterworth III and he published his first novel, Comfort Me With Love in 1959 and has been going strong ever since. Adventure, Romance, Young Adult, Comedy, Mystery, Drama, and Thrillers are the genres he has conquered over the years, with a fair number of non-fiction books to his credit at the same time.

Series Books
Webb Beech
Other No French Leave (1960)
  Article 92: Murder-Rape (1965)
  Warrior's Way (1965)
  Make War in Madness (1966)
Walter E Blake
Other The Loved and the Lost (1962)
  Once More With Passion (1964)
  Doing What Comes Naturally (1965)
James Douglas
Jamie Saintclair The Doomsday Testament (2011)
  The Isis Covenant (2012)
  The Excalibur Codex (2013)
  The Samurai Inheritance (2014)
Other Hunger For Racing (1967)
  A Long Ride on a Cycle (1969)
  Racing to Glory (1969)
  The Twelve-cylinder Screamer (1970)
  Drag Race Driver (1971)
W.E.B. Griffin
Charley Castillo By Order Of The President (2004)
  The Hostage (2005)
  The Hunters (2007)
  The Shooters (2008)
  Black Ops (2008)
  The Outlaws (2010)
  Covert Warriors (2011)
  Hazardous Duty (2013)
James Cronley Top Secret (2014)
  The Assassination Option (2014)
  Curtain Of Death (2016)
  Death At Nuremberg (2017)
  The Enemy Of My Enemy (2018)
Honor Bound Honor Bound (1994)
  Blood And Honor (1997)
  Secret Honor (2000)
  Death And Honor (2009)
  The Honor Of Spies (2009)
  Victory And Honor (2011)
  Empire And Honor (2012)
Men At War The Last Heroes (1998)
  The Secret Warriors (1999)
  The Soldier Spies (2000)
  The Fighting Agents (2001)
  The Saboteurs (2007)
  The Double Agents (2007)
  The Spymasters (2012)
Other Hot Seat (1961)
  Comfort Me With Love (1961)
  The Court-Martial (1962)
  The Girl in the Black Bikini (1962)
  Where We Go From Here (1962)
  The Love-Go-Round (1962)
  Hell on Wheels (1962)
  Le Falot (1963)
  The Wonders of Astronomy (1964)
  The Wonders of Rockets and Missiles (1964)
  Fast Green Car (1965)
  Stock-car Racer (1966)
  Air Evac"" (1967)
  The Image Makers (1967)
  Soldiers on Horseback; The Story of the United States Cavalry (1967)
  Helicopter Pilot (1967)
  Road Racer (1967)
  Orders to Vietnam (1968)
  Redline 7100 (1968)
  Grand Prix Driver (1969)
  Stop and Search (1969)
  Wheel of a Fast Car (1969)
  Steve Bellamy (1970)
  Susan and Her Classic Convertible (1970)
  Moving West on 122 (1970)
  Fast and Smart (1970)
  Marty and the Micromidgets (1970)
  My Father's Quite a Guy (1971)
  Crazy to Race (1971)
  Flying Army; The Modern Air Arm of the U.S. Army (1971)
  Return to Racing (1971)
  Wheels and Pistons; The Story of the Automobile (1971)
  Team Racer (1972)
  The Narc (1972)
  The High Wind: the Story of NASCAR Racing (1972)
  Dateline: Talladega (1972)
  Skyjacked (1972)
  The Racedriver (1972)
  Race Car Team (1973)
  Yankee Driver (1973)
  Tires and Other Things: Some Heroes of Automotive Evolution (1974)
  Return to Daytona (1974)
  Dave White and the Electric Wonder Car (1974)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Paris - with Richard Hooker (1974)
  M*A*S*H Goes to New Orleans - with Richard Hooker (1975)
  Black Gold : The Story of Oil (1975)
  Stop, Thief! (1975)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Morocco - with Richard Hooker (1975)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Hollywood - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  M*A*S*H Goes to San Francisco - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Las Vegas - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Miami - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Vienna - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  M*A*S*H Goes to London - with Richard Hooker (1976)
  Careers in the Services (1976)
  Mighty Minicycles' (1976)
  The Roper Brothers and Their Magnificent Steam Automobile (1976)
  An Album of Automobile Racing (1977)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Montreal - with Richard Hooker (1977)
  Christina's Passion (1977)
  Hi-fi : From Edison's Phonograph to Quadraphonic Sound (1977)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Texas - with Richard Hooker (1977)
  The Air Freight Mystery (1978)
  Next Stop, Earth (1978)
  Tank Driver (1978)
  M*A*S*H Goes to Moscow - with Richard Hooker (1978)
  Wrecker Driver (1979)
  Under the Influence (1979)
  The Hotel Mystery (1979)
  Slaughter by Auto (1980)
  Leroy and the Old Man (1980)
  Flunking Out (1981)
  The Lieutenants [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1982)
  The Captains [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1982)
  Moose, the Thing, and Me (1982)
  Hot Wire (1982)
  A Member of the Family (1982)
  The Majors [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1983)
  The Colonels [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1983)
  The Berets [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1985)
  Semper Fi [The Corps Series] (1986)
  The Generals [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1986)
  The New Breed [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1987)
  Call to Arms [The Corps Series] (1987)
  Men in Blue [Badge of Honor series] (1988)
  The Aviators [The Brotherhood of War Series] (1988)
  Special Operations [Badge of Honor series] (1989)
  Counterattack [The Corps Series] (1990)
  The Victim [Badge of Honor series] (1991)
  Battleground [The Corps Series] (1991)
  Line of Fire [The Corps Series] (1992)
  The Witness [Badge of Honor series] (1992)
  Close Combat [The Corps Series] (1993)
  The Assassin [Badge of Honor series] (1993)
  The Murderers [Badge of Honor series] (1994)
  Behind the Lines [The Corps Series] (1995)
  The Investigators [Badge of Honor series] (1997)
  In Danger's Path [The Corps Series] (1998)
  Special Ops [The Brotherhood of War Series] (2001)
  Under Fire [The Corps Series] (2002)
  Final Justice [Badge of Honor series] (2003)
  Retreat, Hell! [The Corps Series] (2004)
  The Traffickers [Badge of Honor series] (2009)
  The Vigilantes [Badge of Honor series] (2010)
Eden Hughes
Other Leroy and the Wolves (1980)
  The Wiltons (1980)
  The Slelkerks (1982)
Edmund O. Scholefield
Other Tiger Rookie (1966)
  Bryan's Dog (1967)
  L'il Wildcat (1967)
  Maverick on the Mound (1968)
  Yankee Boy (1971)
Patrick J. Williams
Other Fastest Funny Car (1967)
  Grad Prix Racing (1968)
  The Green Ghost (1969)
  Racing Mechanic (1969)
  Up to the Quarterback (1969)