1897 - 1985

Writing as: Walter Gibson

Highly prolific pulp fiction writer who made the mysterious voice narrating detective stories on the radio, The Shadow, a fierce, gun-blazing man of action in magazines for over a decade. During his busiest period, he created via a typewriter 10,000 words a day. Mr. Gibson was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He graduated from Colgate University and started working for newspapers as a reporter and also a crossword-puzzle creator. While The Shadow had been a narrating character at first, it was Gibson who gave him life and developed all the aspects that made him so memorable, including the glowing ring on his hand, his two-fisted gun play, his hawklike features, and his wonderful slouch hat.

Series Books
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Coin of El Diablo Affair (1965)
The Shadow (1963) The Return of The Shadow (1963)