1963 -

Writing as: Jeff Abbott

Before he decided to write a thriller series about CIA operative Sam Capra, Jeff Abbott was already an extremely popular author. He is a three-time nominee for the Edgar, twice nominated for the Thriller Award, and a winner of the Agatha and the Macavity. A graduate of Rice University, he worked for a time as creative director at an advertising agency before turning to writing for a living. He currently resides in Austin with his wife and children.

Series Books
Sam Capra Adrenaline (2011)
  The Last Minute (2012)
  Sam Capra's Last Chance (ss) (2012)
  Downfall (2013)
  Inside Man (2014)
  Traitor's Dance (2022)
  Traitor's Dance (2022)
Other Do Unto Others [Jordan Poteet] (1994)
  The Only Good Yankee [Jordan Poteet] (1995)
  Promises of Home [Jordan Poteet] (1996)
  Distant Blood [Jordan Poteet] (1996)
  A Kiss Gone Bad [Whit Mosley] (2001)
  Black Jack Point [Whit Mosley] (2002)
  Cut and Run [Whit Mosley] (2003)
  Panic (2005)
  Fear (2006)
  Collision aka Run (2008)
  Trust Me (2009)