Writing as: Ward Larsen

According to his website, Ward Larsen served in the U.S. Air Force as a fighter pilot. He has worked as both a Federal law enforcement officer as well as an aircraft accident investigator. He is currently a commercial pilot. Born and raised in Florida, he again makes that state his home after years of seeing a great deal of the world.

Series Books
Jammer Davis Fly By Wire (2010)
  Fly By Night (2011)
  Passenger 19 (2016)
David Slaton The Perfect Assassin (2008)
  Assassin's Game (2014)
  Assassin's Silence (2016)
  Assassin's Code (2017)
  Assassin's Run (2018)
  Assassin's Revenge (2019)
  Assassin's Strike (2020)
  Assassin's Dawn (2021)
  Assassin's Edge (2022)
Other Stealing Trinity (2008)